Friday, September 22, 2017

A trip to China

I arrived in China on a trip with my coworkers.  I was in a train which stopped at a hostel.
We were travelling cheap.   Inside was a large front desk and big rooms with open bathrooms, a pool,
and gaudy curtains that gave privacy to tiny cubicles where there was a twin bed and a chair.
I was the last in the room and there were no cubicles left.  I went to the front desk to ask the girl where an open room may be.  A couple of friends came up and we started discussing future trips.
I wanted Thailand, a strange man suggested Puerto Rico, and my friend said anyplace but Mexico.
I was saddened because I love Mexico.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A ballerina's nightmare

I was in an old theatre.  It was made of stone and the stage was wood with rich red velvet curtains.  There were old fashion lights that extended from the floor at the front of the stage.  There was an orchestra in the pit.

I was wearing an old fashion ballerina costume.   It sheer layered skirts to the knee.  It was all a dusty rose color, including the pointe shoes.  

The music started and I started to dance.  It was going well, it was very dreamy.   I leaped a high jete, and when I came down, I was wearing the satin slippers instead of pointe.   I tried to do the next segment, but I could not.   I stopped and stood facing the audience but I couldn't see beyond the lights.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I went out to dinner with Daddy

I was meeting Daddy for dinner at my mall.  We drove in and parked.  Daddy was in a grey suit.
We got out and there was a big 1970s brown car parked nearby.  A man was standing there.  He
suddenly started speaking in a huge resonant voice proclaiming that the world will end in a few days.  Daddy looked shocked.

I put my arms around him and asked him if he was all right.  He said that he way.

I believe Daddy was talking to me.  He died two years ago.

At the hotel with Coco

I found myself checking into an ancient hotel.   It was almost a castle, made of huge squared stones with stone balconies.  There was stone steps.  The door weighted a ton!

Inside was a huge room lit by candles and a large fire.  There was a staircase going up to the rooms.
I rang the bell and a woman dressed in a long black dress arrived.   She had black hair piled on top of her head and very red lipstick.  She had great teeth.  She was carrying Coco.

Coco was my childhood Chihuahua and I was very upset to see her with the woman.   I signed the book, Coco came up to me and licked my face.  I was very happy to see her.   I decided when it became dark, I would come down and steal my Chihuahua back.

My suitcase was in the room when I went up.  It was a small room with very high ceilings and a fire in the  fireplace.  I dressed in a black suit and prepared to go steal Coco.

It was fairly easy, I found an elevator.   It was one of the old type where you pull open a metal  door yourself.  I opened it and there wasn't an elevator but there was a ladder type thing mounted on the side of the shaft.  I took it down.

I came out in the dining room.   There were long tables with lit candles and white tablecloths.  The food on the plates looked ancient and disgusting.  I went through the double doors and was in the lobby.   Coco was sitting on the bar.

I snatched her up and started up the steps.  It dawned on me that Coco was over 20 years old.  Very old for a  Chihuahua.  As I made it to the top, I remembered burying Coco when she died.  I was 14 years old. 

As I stood there with Coco in my arms, the building started rumbling.  Coco jumped down and took off down the stairs.  I started after her.    When I reached the bottom, giant beams were dropping from the ceiling. 

Superman arrived and said he was going to save me.  I said no, I have to rescue Coco.  I pointed to a fat man who  was lying on the floor.   I told Superman to rescue him.  I ran on into the dining room.

There was no earthquake in the dining room.  In fact, there was electric lights on now.  I saw Coco sitting under a table.   There were people everywhere.   I started sneaking up towards Coco.

Suddenly there was an announcement.  The woman in a black dress was being given an award for being the best bad guy of the year.   She was being thanked for stealing Coco.  As I watched, she
was given a loving cup award.

Suddenly a Djinn appeared (looked like the genie in Aladdin only meaner).  He declared his love for the woman and snatched her up.  They disappeared.

Monday, December 12, 2016

I was part of the X-Files

I was investigating an X file.  I was talking to many strange people  about a mysterious fire.  There was a girl whose face was horrifically burned.  As I spoke to her, her face healed until the scarring was almost gone.

Monday, November 21, 2016

I went to heaven for a visit

I arrived at heaven and walked through the gates.  It was beautiful green wilderness.   I saw animals everywhere.  I saw very few humans.  One man in a field playing with a large pack of happy dogs.
I saw a woman sitting with her cats.

There were animals everywhere, ferrets, cats, dogs, hedgehogs, lions, tigers, on and on.  A very good heaven.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Was this my ghost or a dream?

I live in a haunted house.   It is over a 100 years old.   It's a copper miner's bungalow.  It is a little blue house with a porch and lots of windows.  It's four bedrooms, one very small since it was split in half to put in indoor plumbing.  Very strange house since the electric was also put in later.  The outlets are high up the middle of each room, one per room.  It was once five bedrooms, but the smallest basement room was made into a laundry room.

My husband doesn't want to admit to a ghost, but he sleeps on the couch often.  He says things are being knocked over in the bedroom, and the cat was not in the room.

The dogs won't go into the bedroom, and my cat only goes in if we are in there.

There are two closets, and one must be kept slightly open.  If it's not, it is opened by the ghost within 48 hours.

I often feel as if someone is watching me.   I have also felt a small animal with a cold nose in bed with me when my cat is not in the room.  I sometimes see someone walking into rooms from the corner of my eye.  It's really weird.

I was in bed last night and I suddenly awoke.   I couldn't see well, and it seemed like the room was covered in flower shapes that shimmered and moved.  I looked towards the ghost's closet and the door was open as usual, and there was a light glowing in it.  A human shaped blur walked out of the closet and stared down at me.

I decided the best thing to do is to just go back to sleep.