Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sleep has been very elusive

I am happiest when I get at least 10 hours sleep.  I have such vivid and enjoyable dreams.  Lately, there seems to always be something in the way of my sleeping.   Today was the ultimate.  My bed collapsed.
I was at my mall, and I was looking for an apartment in the new wing of the mall.  The mall is gigantic.  The mall is almost imposible to find.  You have to drive up a driveway 10 miles up in the sky.  There are no guardrails and the road is as wide as a small car.  When you reach the top, you have to get out and walk along a catwalk while your car or truck swims across the building.   You then get back into the vehicle and go downhill to the mall.  The mall is situated by a cliff.  Miles down from the cliff is the roaring ocean.  One side of the mall is a thick forest.  One the other side is a desolate desert.  The forth side is miles and miles of parking lot.
The apartment is over ten miles high.  The apt my husband and I were looking at was ancient, with flaking walls and a balcony that overlooked, far far below, the ocean.  The best part of the building was a Sees candy shoppe one floor down from my apt!!

I've been dreaming of my mall for many years.  It was built, went downhill, then restored and expanded over the past 30 years..