Friday, October 12, 2012

I was a vampire

I was a vampire last night.  I was trying to lure a guy out of his dorm room for my dinner.  Instead of him, I wandered into a library.  The building was old, but there was a large amount of electronic equiptment including huge computer tablets.  I found my dinner there.   A nice lady with 1980s dress and big hair.  I coaxed her outside for a minute.....and that was dinner.

Work dream

I was at work last night.  At my office there was a room filled with beds.  We could sleep there.  I slept there and woke up to find that I needed a special teacup.  My friend Monica was there and she was trying to interest me into taking a case.  I didn't want it, so I went outside where I found my car was a red convertable.  I still did not have my teacup.  Then I sorta woke up and when I closed my eyes, I saw pictures of different items flashing by like they were attached to an old Rolodex.  I guess my dream prop handler was at a loss for a teacup.  There were mugs, glasses, and other images flying past.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This is Ankah

My moose retrieving cat!

Moose hunting trip last night

My husband and son took me moose hunting.  My son was around 9 yrs old.  We were lying by a lake,
waiting for the moose to enter the water.  Thats when it was legal to shoot.  We had our moose retriever cat named Ankah with us.  It was very green and cool.  The sun was just beginning to rise.  We could see other hunters out there with their moose retrieving cats.   Jered was almost going to shoot one moose, ankah was very excited.  She was ready to run to the lake and swim after it.  He changed his mind.

Another hunter shot an antlerless moose, and his moose cat was a small grey cat with big green eyes.
He dove in and swum to retrieve the moose which was lying on top of the water.

Jered decided he had had enough hunting for one day, so the four of us left the lake.  We had an ancient truck parked in the grass and we searched for a opening in the fence to leave.  After a few tries we found
the way out.

My husband loved the dream, but he thought Ankah needs a few more ounces before being big enough to retrieve a moose.  Ankah was not impressed, she just wanted to play with the ribbons on my nightgown.