Sunday, November 25, 2012

Repeat horror dream nightmare world

I know I am stressed out when I have nightmares.    When I was 19, I owned a vintage pale mink coat.  I loved wearing that coat.  I loved wearing high heels, beautiful dresses, and quality nylons. ....Now the dream.... I was at a conference in upstate New York.  At a wonderful old hotel in the woods that I had visited once when I was a child.  All heavy wood planks polished wood panelling and a huge fireplace.  The woods were dripping ice from the trees.  I have never been there as an adult.
I was walking down a well defined path, the moon was high, and the trees dripped icicles.  I was wearing my fur coat and high heels.  Suddenly there was a figure up ahead, a huge shaggy man.  He held the frozen haunch of a deer in his hand.  He raised the haunch and started running towards me.  I turned and ran along the path.  I heard his footsteps behind me, and I screamed as something hit me.  I woke up.
The dream was exactly the same last night as it was when I was 19.  It was horrific.