Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last night I was on Amazon trying to buy a painting of Mrs Danvers.  I was in a bright and meadow with a lot of people having some sort of meeting.  I saw Bertie Wooster at the meeting, and he said Jeeves was ill and couldn't make it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

History of the Mall

I remember I had to drive up a twisting steep road to find a special bookstore I loved to shop at.  I would find such wonderful treasures like Return of Dracula by Bram Stoker, or Simon Sells His Soul by Dennis Wheatley, or more Tom Holts, Lone Rangers, Nancy Drews, or especially more books about Satan, devils, vampires....all these books that don't exist.  (the bookstore was the forerunner of Ur Kindle)

One day the bookstore had a sign saying "Moving" and that the street would be torn down.  The store was moving into The Mall.  I couldn't find The Mall.

One day, I drove up a steep road with no side rails, wide as a small car, and going nearly straight up.  I could see the street like a ribbon entering into a square building.  I kept driving, there were no exits.  I drove into the building and I had to get out of the car.  I walked along this walkway with windows like a large carwash.  My car was actually a truck, and it was swimming across the room.  The water was deep and dark.  There were few lights.  I made it to the end of the room and found my car waiting, it was a car again.
There was a narrow ribbon of road that went straight down.  I drove down it and found the parking lot of The Mall.  It was a medium size mall with my bookstore, a few cool jewelry and clothing shops.  There was a vintage clothing shop with 1920s vamp and flapper clothes.

I visited The Mall off and on for a few year.  My life was going well, and The Mall was adding new and unique stores.   Then one day, the bookstore was gone.  In it's place was a discount bookstore filled with ordinary books.  My vintage clothing shop was gone as well.  The variety store was still there selling gorgeous and strange item.  Then, it too disappeared.  There came the day that the mall only contained the discount bookstore, a knockoff fake clothing shop, and a $1 type store.  I wandered the rest of The Mall.  It was empty, there were lighting fixtures falling from the ceiling.  When I went down a corridor that once ended in a Wine and flatbread restaurant, I found it opening into a huge warehouse with broken windows.  There were groups of homeless people warming their hands over barrels of fire.  I climbed out of a broken window.  The Mall was sitting on a cliff, ten miles below was the ocean.  There was a dense and scary forest on one side, and a golden, empty desert on the other side.  I had to crawl along the cliff, around the desert to the other side to find the giant parking space empty except for three cars.  One was mine.

The Mall disappeared from my dreams for a few years, my life was pretty rough.  Things started getting better, and one day I was at the doors of The Mall.  It was new, huge carved out of sandstone, still perched on the cliff.  The stores were coming back.  My shops never came back, but others did.  I wandered through the huge mall and I saw a sign saying the Ming Dynasty room was after the next room.  The next room was the Room of Insurance Salesmen.  They flocked around me like a pack of vultures.

One night, I had to go to the airport.  I walked through empty wet streets and climbed over a earthmoving machine.  I was at the mall.  I went through it and took the stairs, wide and marble, up to the top floor.  It opened up at the roof with an entire airport on top the mall.  There was a tower in corner.  A real tower, overlooking the ocean.

Another night, I was apt shopping with my husband.  We went to The Mall's tower.  It was miles high, and filled with apts and shops.  We were given an apt 10 miles up.  There was a huge stone window and a tiny balcony.  If you looked down, you saw the ocean.  I was thrilled at the apt.  It was small, but it was 1 floor up from a Sees Candy Store.

Mass murder, mayhelm, socks, and poodles

I was working at a combination office/produce market.  I saw a cousin of mine come in, and we chatted.  He had a friend with him.  They left.  I found out the cousin was going to be a mass murderer and the future police were after him and my cousin.  The future policeman was my husband.  The future mass murderer was   going to be in love with Theda Bara.  She and I decided to track him down after I finish work and we go across the hall for a movie.  I had to knit a pair of socks, so i climbed up a tall filing cabinet and used the top drawer as a seat as I knitted socks with my antique circular knitting machine.

Then I go meet Theda at the entrance to the movie.  I had Pugglesworth, my pug that had turned into a white poodle.  I put my diamond bracelet around her neck.  We sat down to wait to enter the theatre, but we got notified that the murderer and my cousin were near.  Theda loosened her hair and looked appealing.  Pugglesworth wandered off.  The future police came by dragging my cousin.

We were told we needed to go search.  We left and entered an underground base/city where we met up with my husband.  I asked for Pugglesworth and my purse.  He gave me my purse, but said Puggles was helping to track down the murderer.

I wandered around searching for Puggles.

I have seen Theda a few times in my dreams.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Driving to work

I dressed and went to work.  The road was cracked and broken, the city was in ruins.  As I drove, the car window fogged over until I was looking out through a tiny clear spot.  It started pouring down rain, and I worried that I would be late.  The landscape was filled with twisted black trees, and the road turned into a path.  There was a car behind me, and suddenly I realized that the car was going to kill me.  I went even faster, and I could see less and less.  Finally I stopped.  The rain stopped and the sun came out.  I was on a cliff right in the middle of a giant mountain.  There was no road, forward or back.  I was trapped.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I was at a movie theatre

I was at a movie theatre yesterday, with a box of popcorn.  The movie was a mystery of some type.  Some guy behind me hit me with a pillow.  I cried out and grabbed the pillow.  Mngt came in and said I was disturbing the movie and even though I protested, I was kicked out.  I climbed through a barricade to ask for my money back.  I also ordered a tub of buttered popcorn.  The movie returned me 46 cents.  The popcorn cost $7.  I had a few blank white sheets that they took for payment.  The tub of popcorn was small, and it had about a cup of kosher type salt and a few bits of candy in it.  No butter, no popcorn.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Night terrors, lions, and spiders

This dream was very strange.  I dreamed I was asleep.  I woke up and saw a gigantic human sized spider coming down from the ceiling.  I screamed in terror, and a large lion started roaring at me.  I levitated out of bed and hit the floor.  My husband was staring down at me yelling at me to wake up.
He said I screamed, and he woke up.  He started to wake me up, and I screamed and tried to escape.
He was glad I didn't hit him.  I said I wasn't stupid enough to strike a lion.