Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mass murder, mayhelm, socks, and poodles

I was working at a combination office/produce market.  I saw a cousin of mine come in, and we chatted.  He had a friend with him.  They left.  I found out the cousin was going to be a mass murderer and the future police were after him and my cousin.  The future policeman was my husband.  The future mass murderer was   going to be in love with Theda Bara.  She and I decided to track him down after I finish work and we go across the hall for a movie.  I had to knit a pair of socks, so i climbed up a tall filing cabinet and used the top drawer as a seat as I knitted socks with my antique circular knitting machine.

Then I go meet Theda at the entrance to the movie.  I had Pugglesworth, my pug that had turned into a white poodle.  I put my diamond bracelet around her neck.  We sat down to wait to enter the theatre, but we got notified that the murderer and my cousin were near.  Theda loosened her hair and looked appealing.  Pugglesworth wandered off.  The future police came by dragging my cousin.

We were told we needed to go search.  We left and entered an underground base/city where we met up with my husband.  I asked for Pugglesworth and my purse.  He gave me my purse, but said Puggles was helping to track down the murderer.

I wandered around searching for Puggles.

I have seen Theda a few times in my dreams.