Friday, February 8, 2013

Attacked and fighting for my life

I was in another state for some sort of business convention.  I had a room in an ancient multi story apt building.  My husband was with me.  He flipped out and attacked me in our room.  I escaped and ran, trying to scream.  I could not make a sound.  I ran down the stairs, there were people living in the hallways.  They ignored my pleas to call 911.  There was a family clustered around a fire.  They just waved me away.  There was a lady in a bed on another landing.  I made it outside where my husband grabbed me around the throat. I escaped.  Outside was very green.  Someone saw what was happening and called the police. They took my husband away.  I decided to call my office and take a couple of weeks off and go to my Mom.


I walked into my bedroom and saw a beautifully wrapped package all done up in dark and light red sitting on my bed.  I unwrapped the package, and there was a beautiful gold cat pendant with diamond eyes and a ruby collar.  I held it up and it sparkled in the light.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I had a great dream

but I forgot it.  It is strange how a dream doesn't make as strong of a memory as something real does.  I even lay in bed thinking about the dream.  But then pooof!  It's gone.