Saturday, April 27, 2013

My MG vespa

My father came to visit.  He wanted to go out to the woods.  He drove his truck, and he gave me an MG one seater.  The front was one wheel and a flap with the classic MG logo.  I had to flip up the front cover and it had two little buttons.  One forward, one brake.  We went to the woods, and then returned.  The MG would turn on a dime, seeing as it had only one wheel.
I went to see a friend and a flood started.  I had to get a pony and a handicapped person out safely. I had the handicapped person drive the MG (which she called a Vespa) and I held the pony up while it sat on the back of the MG.
The FBI arrived and were annoyed that I got the pony out and was nasty about the pony riding the MG.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My sister-in-law's house

I was at Jaque's house and for some reason she looked like Joanne Worley from the 1960s.
She was petting a doll she called antique and made me hang up all her mini dresses that looked like something out of the 1960s.  The whole apartment was 1960s

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lizard painting

I had a large apt in a weird city.  It was huge, and decorated like something out of a 1950s movie.  Over the marble fireplace was a painting.  It was a branch hanging over a stream.  There was a dragonfly on the end.  A large lizard ran up, and tried to shovel the dragonfly into it's mouth.  The dragonfly escaped, the lizard backed out of the picture.  The dragonfly returned.

It was something out of a Harry Potter movie!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Had one of my nightmares again

I had another one of my nightmares.  They occur occasionally. Usually when my life sucks.

I woke up hearing a scratching at my door.  I leave my bedroom and go out to the living room.  The door is wide open, and I hear steps coming close.  I run forward and slam the door just as something pushes at the door.  It has long black claws and they are curled around the door.  I am pressing against the door and something whispers to me through the door "Let me in Vivian"  I say "no, no" over and over.  It whispers "I want to come in Vivian".  I look towards the kitchen.  A pistol is on the kitchen table.There is no way I can get to it.  Suddenly I wake up terrified in bed.  I hear a scratching and I get up to see.  The living room is dark and icy cold.  The front door is wide open, and I hear something coming.

This sometimes goes on and on, other times it ends with nothing coming to the door.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old house and death

I was in an old mansion.  I went up the stairs, everything was dim.  Furniture was just shapes.  Someone grabbed me from behind and started choking me.  I struggled, and I realized someone was killing me.  I woke very frightened.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stranded on an island

I found myself waking up in the dark.  It was my turn to stand guard in the ocean.  I grabbed a pair of binoculars, put on a blue zipper surf jacket and a cat and rose printed bikini bottom.  I snuck around trying not to wake the other castaways.  I got a surfboard and pushed out to the ocean.  Suddenly it was light, there were people all around me.  The ocean was dotted with skyscrapers that had been flooded. There was debris in the water.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I was attending college in this old building.  It was all warm wood and dim light.  I had to brush my teeth, so I ran into the bathroom. It was all dirt floors, dangling exposed wiring, and a row of open toilets with a single pedistal sink and mirror.  It was in use, so I wen down the hall to the other bathroom.  The hall lighting was like 3-5 watt bulbs every ten feet.  The other bathroom was in the same condition, so I gave up and went to the front desk. I was late and needed a late slip.  One was typed out (using an antique typewriter) and taped on a box of Booberry cereal.  I said I needed to be in the Calculus lab, the receptionist (a very friendly lady) said I couldn't have the box there.  She removed the label and pointed down the hall.  Go up three flights of stairs.  The stairs were rickety, there were missing stairs and missing handrails, so I had to climb up higher and higher.