Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I was attending college in this old building.  It was all warm wood and dim light.  I had to brush my teeth, so I ran into the bathroom. It was all dirt floors, dangling exposed wiring, and a row of open toilets with a single pedistal sink and mirror.  It was in use, so I wen down the hall to the other bathroom.  The hall lighting was like 3-5 watt bulbs every ten feet.  The other bathroom was in the same condition, so I gave up and went to the front desk. I was late and needed a late slip.  One was typed out (using an antique typewriter) and taped on a box of Booberry cereal.  I said I needed to be in the Calculus lab, the receptionist (a very friendly lady) said I couldn't have the box there.  She removed the label and pointed down the hall.  Go up three flights of stairs.  The stairs were rickety, there were missing stairs and missing handrails, so I had to climb up higher and higher.