Sunday, April 14, 2013

Had one of my nightmares again

I had another one of my nightmares.  They occur occasionally. Usually when my life sucks.

I woke up hearing a scratching at my door.  I leave my bedroom and go out to the living room.  The door is wide open, and I hear steps coming close.  I run forward and slam the door just as something pushes at the door.  It has long black claws and they are curled around the door.  I am pressing against the door and something whispers to me through the door "Let me in Vivian"  I say "no, no" over and over.  It whispers "I want to come in Vivian".  I look towards the kitchen.  A pistol is on the kitchen table.There is no way I can get to it.  Suddenly I wake up terrified in bed.  I hear a scratching and I get up to see.  The living room is dark and icy cold.  The front door is wide open, and I hear something coming.

This sometimes goes on and on, other times it ends with nothing coming to the door.