Saturday, April 27, 2013

My MG vespa

My father came to visit.  He wanted to go out to the woods.  He drove his truck, and he gave me an MG one seater.  The front was one wheel and a flap with the classic MG logo.  I had to flip up the front cover and it had two little buttons.  One forward, one brake.  We went to the woods, and then returned.  The MG would turn on a dime, seeing as it had only one wheel.
I went to see a friend and a flood started.  I had to get a pony and a handicapped person out safely. I had the handicapped person drive the MG (which she called a Vespa) and I held the pony up while it sat on the back of the MG.
The FBI arrived and were annoyed that I got the pony out and was nasty about the pony riding the MG.