Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sleep paralysis

I had a nightmare that someone grabbed me and dragged me into a Victorian era parlor where there was a coffin laid out on chairs.  They forced me into the coffin, I knew I was dreaming and tried to wake up. I was held so tightly I couldn't move an inch.  I finally forced my eyes open and I was in my bedroom but it still felt as if I was being tightly held.  I was lying on my side away from the wall so it felt like someone was behind me on the bed.  I tried to scream but that didn't work.  I was so terrified.  Slowly I was able to move then suddenly I was completely free.  I flipped over, but there was nobody in the room with me.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I was at my mall again

I found I was working at my mall.  I was finished, and I started to explore a new wing to the mall.  It looked ancient, the doors were huge Chinese style double doors with iron fittings.  I could not enter any of the doors, I reached a split in the hall and I went left.  There was something important about being sure it was the left hand path.  There were two ancient Roman amphatheatres and a door to the outside.

The mall let out in California this time.  The houses were something out of the 1920s, except they were brand new bungalows.  The cars were old, but there was a jet plane in the sky.  There was a cluster of people talking at the mall entrance which was a street underpass.  One said, "Well, you're home Vivian"
The lady was my boss.  I started walking down the road.

I woke up and immediately started writing it in my dream journal, which was an ancient steam punk looking computer.

I was confused when I actually woke up, did I write this in my dream journal?  I check the journal.  This is the only post for the day.