Saturday, July 27, 2013

On a Jury

I was living in an ancient apartment, all worn stone and tattered tapestries.  I was dressing to go to court.  I told Jered I was leaving, he said ok.  On the bed with him was a large beautiful German Shephard dog.    The dog looked at me and said, in a very cultured mellow voice, to have a nice day.
I arrived at the courthouse.  All the jurers were outside sitting in the grass. I joined them and they started accusing me of being a stealth jurer planning to hang the verdict.  They were too mean to be around, so I walked around the courthouse.  The Judge was planning with some ninja looking people to spy on the everyone.  The ninja took off bouncing around and then bounced up and disappeared into the sky.  I then saw one of the jurers being taken away in a strait jacket on a gurney.  I saw a case of cds on the ground.  I picked up the case and went to the front of the courthouse and put it on the steps.  I started back around the building and I met up the insane jurer's mother who accused me of try to keep her from taking her son away.  She was yelling at me, and her son, in the strait jacket, came up.  She kept accusing me of things, and a giant preying mantis snatched her up and ate her.  Her son freaked out.  I walked back to the rest of the jurers and we had to go into the court.  The jury seats were in a long row, not in two short rows.  As I walked to my assigned seat at the very end. jurers hissed at me and booed.  I sat down and there was a water tray next to me.  I opened an emergency package of water and drank it.  It was really messy and I was trying to clean up when I realized the trial was over and everyone left.  The lights went out in the court room.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


The odd thing about dreaming is what you remember when you wake up.  I sleep days since I work nights.  I know my dreams were long and unending seeming last "night".  All I remember is that I was in an ancient city that actually had people.  I went into a Subway.  The front wall was busted out, bricks lay on the sidewalk and in the street.  There was a cook selling the sandwiches.  The store was dark, dimly lit by a low watt bulb swinging in the breeze.  There were lots of people there buying subs.  I was with Jered.  I ordered a pastrami with mustard and vinegar.  I was given a tray with a barbque sandwich on it.  I noticed it as I went around the building looking for a table.  I was going to complain but I noticed a large cement post with a table around it and built in chairs.  I took the table, planning to wait for Jered.  There was a door in the post and a midget/dwarf/little person walked out and stood staring at me.  He started to slowly dance.

Hallway nightmares

I am walking down a hallway.  I am dressed up in heels, nylons, and a fur coat.  The hallway seemes to be in a basement.  It is very long, I can't see the end.  There are doors all along the way, with no identifying marks.  I stop at one door, I reach out and open the door.  Suddenly the door slams back shut, then it flings open while I stand frozen in terror.  Something lunges out of the door and I run.  I out run it.  I am still in the hallway.  I try to open another door.  The exact thing happens.  All the doors I try to open are on my left.  I don't try to open doors on my right.
This is a reoccuring nightmare and it can go on all night long, even after I wake up and try to think of other things to stop the nightmares.

Waking up alien

I woke up.  I was in an apt I had never seen before.  The bedroom was very bare. There was a bathroom attached to the bedroom.  I walked into the bathroom meaning to wash my face.  I looked into the mirror.   The face looking back was hairless, kind of green grey.  I had large dark round eyes. slits for nose, and a round lipless mouth.  When I pulled down my mouth, there were no teeth but there were leeches attached to my gums.  I wondered if my makeup would be able to cover this up.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I was ancient.  Sometimes I looked like an old lady with a mummified body.  I had a gold safety pin threaded through the veins at my wrist.  Other times I was a young woman.  I had a turtle that ate peaches and the devil always yelled at me when I opened a pack of hot dogs.  I lived in an ancient apartment in my mall.  I had been in court having my plumber arrested.  I was young.  I then left the court, became old and walked down the mall where I stopped and ate a peach, feeding a bit to my turtle.  I met another woman who had a peach loving turtle.  She was scared to let her turtle have any peach because the turtle may choke.  She opened her turtle a package of hot dogs.  Suddenly there was a deep roar from the depthes below.  She, too, was possessed and angered the devil when she opened hot dogs.  I was so happy.

Friday, July 12, 2013

I went to China

I went to China with Terri, Matt, and a randum little kid.  We went to a mall.  I was wandering around, we were supposed to meet at a restaurant/bar.  I saw that the elevator was a platform and a pole that you hold on to, and when I reached the middle of the mall I saw the mall was many stories with dead greenery hanging down and people were running through a rainstorm and hailstorm in the middle of the mall.  We tried to get into the bar by climbing through a cabinet but ended it up outside.  we spread out our coats and watched the stars.  I wondered if I could call my Mom and Dad, what time it was in America.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

desert mountains

I was on a bicycle and rode up a mountain road.  It was neither light or dark, so it was very early morning or early evening.  The desert was glowing red and orange.  The road was narrow and winding.  I came to an antique bed complete with bedding blocking the path.  I climbed over the bed and dragged the bike after me.  The bike disappeared off the bed.  I walked over to the edge of the cliff and sat down.  I had a pet beside me.  It looked like a Tasmanian Devil (the real one, not the cartoon one) .  It was striped orange, blue, green, and other colors.  We sat together and looked out at the wide expanse of desert and mesas.

Friday, July 5, 2013


I was running through an ancient forest, I emerged out into a field.  I look down and could see my brown paws as I ran.  Through the field, another forest, and then a farm field with a fence.  I jumped the fence.  I ran into a city, that was slick with rain and glowing with neon.  I trotted across a road, coming towards me was a man.  He reached down a touched my head.  I stood up and began walking.  I was a human.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


I drove to work.  I was back in Phoenix, going into the old office.  I walked into the lunch room and people ran up telling me that our boss was angry at the amount of late and sick calls in the past week.  I walked into the hallway towards my office.  There were bodies hanging from the ceiling, swaying.  Mngmt was leaving the bodies up to show what happens when we are late too often.
I stood there thinking "I really ought to call someone and report this"

Last night

I was sitting at my vanity brushing my hair.  It was a chestnut color and extended below the knees.
As I brushed my hair, on the right the hair curled upwards, and on the left it curled under.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We built a spaceship and headed to Mars

My Dad, a couple of his Nasa friends, and I built a spaceship to go to Mars.  It was a nice ship, with five rooms and plenty of windows.  It was carpeted in golden brown and had overstuffed chairs and sofas.  I tried to call my friends to tell them I was on the way to Mars, but my cell phone wouldn't get reception, it said no space reception on the screen.  I decided to use it to take pics of the ship.  There was a long living room and then a kitchen and den.  Then there were two bedrooms and a control room and a bathroom fixed up in 50s pink porcelain and tile.  There was a mermaid mural on the bathroom wall.  I went back to the den where my father and his Nasa friends were watching TV by the little fireplace, waiting to see the takeoff coverage from our back yard.  The lead story was sad, Nelson Mandela had died.
We landed on Mars.  I put on my spacesuit and my helmet was too small.  I went out without the helmet.
Mars was all golden and mellow lighting and soft desert sand.  There were ruins of buildings everywhere and we went out to explore them.  I looked back at our spaceship, it was a 1950s ranch house with a porch and chimney.