Thursday, July 25, 2013


The odd thing about dreaming is what you remember when you wake up.  I sleep days since I work nights.  I know my dreams were long and unending seeming last "night".  All I remember is that I was in an ancient city that actually had people.  I went into a Subway.  The front wall was busted out, bricks lay on the sidewalk and in the street.  There was a cook selling the sandwiches.  The store was dark, dimly lit by a low watt bulb swinging in the breeze.  There were lots of people there buying subs.  I was with Jered.  I ordered a pastrami with mustard and vinegar.  I was given a tray with a barbque sandwich on it.  I noticed it as I went around the building looking for a table.  I was going to complain but I noticed a large cement post with a table around it and built in chairs.  I took the table, planning to wait for Jered.  There was a door in the post and a midget/dwarf/little person walked out and stood staring at me.  He started to slowly dance.