Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hallway nightmares

I am walking down a hallway.  I am dressed up in heels, nylons, and a fur coat.  The hallway seemes to be in a basement.  It is very long, I can't see the end.  There are doors all along the way, with no identifying marks.  I stop at one door, I reach out and open the door.  Suddenly the door slams back shut, then it flings open while I stand frozen in terror.  Something lunges out of the door and I run.  I out run it.  I am still in the hallway.  I try to open another door.  The exact thing happens.  All the doors I try to open are on my left.  I don't try to open doors on my right.
This is a reoccuring nightmare and it can go on all night long, even after I wake up and try to think of other things to stop the nightmares.