Saturday, July 27, 2013

On a Jury

I was living in an ancient apartment, all worn stone and tattered tapestries.  I was dressing to go to court.  I told Jered I was leaving, he said ok.  On the bed with him was a large beautiful German Shephard dog.    The dog looked at me and said, in a very cultured mellow voice, to have a nice day.
I arrived at the courthouse.  All the jurers were outside sitting in the grass. I joined them and they started accusing me of being a stealth jurer planning to hang the verdict.  They were too mean to be around, so I walked around the courthouse.  The Judge was planning with some ninja looking people to spy on the everyone.  The ninja took off bouncing around and then bounced up and disappeared into the sky.  I then saw one of the jurers being taken away in a strait jacket on a gurney.  I saw a case of cds on the ground.  I picked up the case and went to the front of the courthouse and put it on the steps.  I started back around the building and I met up the insane jurer's mother who accused me of try to keep her from taking her son away.  She was yelling at me, and her son, in the strait jacket, came up.  She kept accusing me of things, and a giant preying mantis snatched her up and ate her.  Her son freaked out.  I walked back to the rest of the jurers and we had to go into the court.  The jury seats were in a long row, not in two short rows.  As I walked to my assigned seat at the very end. jurers hissed at me and booed.  I sat down and there was a water tray next to me.  I opened an emergency package of water and drank it.  It was really messy and I was trying to clean up when I realized the trial was over and everyone left.  The lights went out in the court room.