Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We built a spaceship and headed to Mars

My Dad, a couple of his Nasa friends, and I built a spaceship to go to Mars.  It was a nice ship, with five rooms and plenty of windows.  It was carpeted in golden brown and had overstuffed chairs and sofas.  I tried to call my friends to tell them I was on the way to Mars, but my cell phone wouldn't get reception, it said no space reception on the screen.  I decided to use it to take pics of the ship.  There was a long living room and then a kitchen and den.  Then there were two bedrooms and a control room and a bathroom fixed up in 50s pink porcelain and tile.  There was a mermaid mural on the bathroom wall.  I went back to the den where my father and his Nasa friends were watching TV by the little fireplace, waiting to see the takeoff coverage from our back yard.  The lead story was sad, Nelson Mandela had died.
We landed on Mars.  I put on my spacesuit and my helmet was too small.  I went out without the helmet.
Mars was all golden and mellow lighting and soft desert sand.  There were ruins of buildings everywhere and we went out to explore them.  I looked back at our spaceship, it was a 1950s ranch house with a porch and chimney.