Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dream within a dream within a dream

I heard a noise.  I was in in bed asleep.  I got up to check and there was a huge room outside my bedroom.  It was ancient and shabby.  I walked through it searching for my kitchen.  I entered it and someone grabbed me from behind.  I struggled, the person's arm was around my throat.  He started to strangle me.  I bit down on his arm, and struggled to escape.  I awoke shaking and scared.  I got out of bed and when I opened the door, there was another, different room out the door.  I saw several people standing together talking.  I walked out into my office.  There was a lady who stopped me and said she was training two new people.  She started saying horrible things about them.  I tried to stop her because the people were just around the corner and could hear everything she said.  She threw something at me and I woke up in bed.  I got up and I heard something rustling outside the door.  I opened the bedroom door and I was in the big shabby room again.  I walked to the kitchen and was attacked.  This time the attacker had a knife.  Once again I could see no face and I couldn't tell if it were a man or woman.  I tried to escape, and there was another person there who grabbed me.  I struggled and then I woke up for real.