Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting up for work

Over and over my husband would open the bedroom door and say time for work.   I would look and see that there was light over the top of the curtain.  It happened over and over, or at least my faint memory of the dream was over and over. I wonder why I was worried about work?  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Sunday is my Friday.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Third party dream

I was driving on a dark deserted road.  I made a turn going too fast and ran off the road.  The truck flipped and lay on it's side.  I crawled out.  I started pushing on the truck to get it back on it's wheels.  Then suddenly a movie started.  It was daylight and there was a man who was determined to live off the land.  He was preparing food when three kids came up.  They were about 12 years old.  Two girls and a boy.  They watched the guy and invited him to their home.  Then the kids were playing jump rope in front of a huge house.  The guy was watching them and he was dressed in a light purple shirt.  They all went into the house where the children's guardian was.  She was elaberately dressed in a beaded evening gown.  She was very angry at the man because he was in purple while she looked like a black and white film.  Next thing that happened was that the man was working on his boat where he was living.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Shootout at the doll shop

I was at a doll shop.  I bought a large basket full of dolls, clothes, accessories.  I told a woman who asked that it was all for my niece.  I left the doll shop but before I could get to my car police came running out and made us go to the other side of the shopping center.  I pushed my cart to an area full of bundles of clothing and stuff.  I hid behind one, and then remembered a gun in my purse.  I pulled it out and decided to hide in the derelic car beside me.  I climbed in and held my gun.  I looked out of the window and there were dozens of police.  My space was invaded by two men.  They pulled out guns and started shooting.  I looked out the window and there were criminals and cops everywhere.  I wondered if I could tell the difference enough to start shooting.  The two people in the car with me demanded I start shooting as well.

I went home and my husband told me the dogs got into the refridgerator and Daisy had died.  I went to the front of the house where the fridge was sitting.  Daisy was stuck in between the tines of the shelves.  I pulled her out, she was all stiff.  I was petting her and she revived.  I let her back into the house and she bounced around happy to see everyone.