Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Third party dream

I was driving on a dark deserted road.  I made a turn going too fast and ran off the road.  The truck flipped and lay on it's side.  I crawled out.  I started pushing on the truck to get it back on it's wheels.  Then suddenly a movie started.  It was daylight and there was a man who was determined to live off the land.  He was preparing food when three kids came up.  They were about 12 years old.  Two girls and a boy.  They watched the guy and invited him to their home.  Then the kids were playing jump rope in front of a huge house.  The guy was watching them and he was dressed in a light purple shirt.  They all went into the house where the children's guardian was.  She was elaberately dressed in a beaded evening gown.  She was very angry at the man because he was in purple while she looked like a black and white film.  Next thing that happened was that the man was working on his boat where he was living.