Thursday, October 24, 2013

Swimming in ancient Greece

I was in a motorboat traveling across a really deep blue lake.  I dropped anchor and waded to shore.  It was beautful, trees in different shades of green, a white sand beach, and a very blue sky.  I got back into the water and started swimming. There were beautiful Greek temples and the sun was going down.  The temples just glowed in the low light.  I swam towards the middle of the lake.  The lake ended, and looking over the edge, the world was so far down and stretched out forever.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We meet the God Dagon aka The Monster from the Black Lagoon

Jered and I had a 4 1/2 foot pet Furby.  The three of us went to a combo Harbor Freight/salad bar.  We made salads from a rather weird salad bar with strange items like pickled potatoes.  We took our salads back to the restaurant so we could have some hot soup with the salad. We were served hot cucumber soup, which looked disgusting.  The chef came out to talk to us.  He said that the basement had a monster in it.  We agreed to go down with him and hunt the monster down. The chef had a large sharp cleaver and Jered, Furby, and I followed him down the stairs into a dark basement.  We hid behind a large wooden crate while the chef went down between two stacks of boxes.  Next thing we see is a lot of people screaming and running for their lives.  There were injured people being helped by others.  I looked at the crate we were hiding behind and stenciled across the box was "Dagon".  Jered and I raised up and looked down into the crate.  Looking up at us was the monster from the Black Lagoon. We each grabbed Furby by one hand and ran for our lives.
We made it home and watched the news about Dagon.  It was horrible.  Furby said he was from the same plaee Dagon was, and that he and Dagon had battled before.  He said that he was going to have to battle Dagon again.  Jered and I tried to talk Furby out of it because we knew he was terrified.  He was shivering in fear.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I was having dinner with the Mikado in old Japan

I was in Japan.  I was dressed in a gold silk Kimono.  I was hurrying down the hallways of a large one story building of polished wood.  I had to take small steps, I had so many layers on.  I was someone important.  The dining room was occupied by a lot of people in kimonos, male and female.   The Mikado was on a raised dais, sitting alone against one wall.  There were long low tables along the other three walls with cushions for the diners to sit.  I hurried in, and before I could sit down, he yelled at me for being late.  He told me to come forward.  He was a very handsome man.  Several other people got up and went to the dais with me.  The lady in front of me was dressed in rich red.  She told the Mikado that he was gorgeous.  He liked that, and smirked.  I realized that all the ladies were supposed to come up and compliment him.  It was my turn and all I could think to say was "wonderful to meet you sir" and hurry from the room.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Finding my new apartment

I arrived at a building where I would be living.  It was a huge gothic monstrosity. I would be living there for the next couple of years.  The lobby was huge, made of dirty stone and lots of plants.   The chandeliers were filled with candles, and there were candlabra everywhere.  There were lots of people coming and going.  They were lined up in front of a set of elevators, the 1920s open iron type.
The front desk was piled with papers and files, and two cakes covered with bugs.  The guy at the front desk would cut himself a piece and eat it, bugs and all.  I told him my name and asked for my apt.  I was given a walking stick covered with carving and gemstons.  I was told to go to room 4128, it was on floor 41.  I had to drive to the back of the building and up a narrow path to reach the back where there was an elevator that would reach the upper floors.
I drove around the building, I was in a tiny old French car, a Citreon.  The path I drove was very narrow and there was no guardrail.  It was high up and then I saw a group of cars parked. I drove in and up a step to park in a grassy area with stone urns.  There was a huge iron gate and a sign.  It was a leprosy colony.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I found a transporter

My brothers and I were teenagers in Tennessee.   At the old military base in LaVergne, we found an old machine in an outbuilding in the woods. It was dusty but it polished up to be a brass and glass room with a wall of buttons and dials.  Very steampunk.   It was a transporter.  We got in it and started it.  We were transported to an old warehouse in London.  We wandered the streets and bought fish and chips.  We returned and figured out how it worked. We visited the Eiffel Tower, then the Egyptian Pyramids.  We saw the Sphinx by moonlight. We were discussing where to go next when I woke up.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A beautiful modern casino

I seemed to be staying in a Casino.  It was a beautiful hotel and casino.  I woke and left my room.  The building seemed to be entirely empty. The lighting was subdued and the walls had golden patterned wallpaper and the floors were red patterned gambling carpet.  A typical casino like one in Las Vegas or Alcapulco.  The escalators were not working and I started walking down them.  I saw my brother Eddy.  He was also wandering about.  He asked me where everyone was.  I said I didn' know, but I had a very bad feeling about it.  We went to the gambling and store floor.  The jeweley store was trashed and there were watches and jewelery everwhere on the floor.  Broken glass was all over the floor.  We hear a shriek and an Arab man is screaming that he is ruined.  I suddenly realize that there is a bomb in the building, that was why everyone was gone.  I tried to tell the man, then Eddy and I ran out of the building.  We were in a city, but it was completely deserted.  No people, no cars, and no planes.  We started walking down the city street with huge buildings on each side of us.