Saturday, October 5, 2013

A beautiful modern casino

I seemed to be staying in a Casino.  It was a beautiful hotel and casino.  I woke and left my room.  The building seemed to be entirely empty. The lighting was subdued and the walls had golden patterned wallpaper and the floors were red patterned gambling carpet.  A typical casino like one in Las Vegas or Alcapulco.  The escalators were not working and I started walking down them.  I saw my brother Eddy.  He was also wandering about.  He asked me where everyone was.  I said I didn' know, but I had a very bad feeling about it.  We went to the gambling and store floor.  The jeweley store was trashed and there were watches and jewelery everwhere on the floor.  Broken glass was all over the floor.  We hear a shriek and an Arab man is screaming that he is ruined.  I suddenly realize that there is a bomb in the building, that was why everyone was gone.  I tried to tell the man, then Eddy and I ran out of the building.  We were in a city, but it was completely deserted.  No people, no cars, and no planes.  We started walking down the city street with huge buildings on each side of us.