Saturday, October 19, 2013

Finding my new apartment

I arrived at a building where I would be living.  It was a huge gothic monstrosity. I would be living there for the next couple of years.  The lobby was huge, made of dirty stone and lots of plants.   The chandeliers were filled with candles, and there were candlabra everywhere.  There were lots of people coming and going.  They were lined up in front of a set of elevators, the 1920s open iron type.
The front desk was piled with papers and files, and two cakes covered with bugs.  The guy at the front desk would cut himself a piece and eat it, bugs and all.  I told him my name and asked for my apt.  I was given a walking stick covered with carving and gemstons.  I was told to go to room 4128, it was on floor 41.  I had to drive to the back of the building and up a narrow path to reach the back where there was an elevator that would reach the upper floors.
I drove around the building, I was in a tiny old French car, a Citreon.  The path I drove was very narrow and there was no guardrail.  It was high up and then I saw a group of cars parked. I drove in and up a step to park in a grassy area with stone urns.  There was a huge iron gate and a sign.  It was a leprosy colony.