Sunday, October 20, 2013

I was having dinner with the Mikado in old Japan

I was in Japan.  I was dressed in a gold silk Kimono.  I was hurrying down the hallways of a large one story building of polished wood.  I had to take small steps, I had so many layers on.  I was someone important.  The dining room was occupied by a lot of people in kimonos, male and female.   The Mikado was on a raised dais, sitting alone against one wall.  There were long low tables along the other three walls with cushions for the diners to sit.  I hurried in, and before I could sit down, he yelled at me for being late.  He told me to come forward.  He was a very handsome man.  Several other people got up and went to the dais with me.  The lady in front of me was dressed in rich red.  She told the Mikado that he was gorgeous.  He liked that, and smirked.  I realized that all the ladies were supposed to come up and compliment him.  It was my turn and all I could think to say was "wonderful to meet you sir" and hurry from the room.