Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A murdered man

I was home, lying in bed reading.  Everything was normal.  Suddenly I hear shots ring out and a car peal off.  I heard my front door get bashed in.  Footsteps coming toward my bedroom. I was afraid and pulled the sheets up, I was cut off from escape.  A man staggered in.  He had rough clothes and a white sheet winding around his upper body.  There were three or four bloody holes in the sheet.  He staggered forward and pitched onto the bed.  He weighted my legs down.  I screamed in horror and ran for the front door.  Suddenly all the lights went out and I was in darkness.  All the sharpness went out of everything, and my vision was fuzzy--normal for me when I am not wearing contacts.  I was awake and standing in my living room.  My heart was pounding painfully.  I was so scared.  I crept back to my bedroom, the light was off.  I switched it on, and the bedroom was normal, no body lying across the bed.