Sunday, November 24, 2013

An apt

I was driving to my mall, there were very little parking available.  I find a spot, and have a conversation with the car in front of me about sharing the space.  We both parked, my car on top.  I went to meet my mom at an apt in mall she wanted me to see.  I had a new sister who was pregnant and my mom made arraingements for both of us to stay there until the baby was born.  I  was supposed to watch after the other girl, who I never saw.  The apt looked like the inside of a manor house, but had a wall in the bathroom with hundreds of drawers and closets, there was a huge tub and a tiny vanity.  There was no mirror.  The living room was also filled with drawers and closets. I realized there was no room for my paintings.  I went out into the hall wondering if I could use it to hang my paintings.  I wandered down the hall, there were framed drawings along the wall of strange animals.  All the drawings were ripped and the floor was covered in paper,