Saturday, November 23, 2013

I was held captive

I woke up on a couch in a huge square room.   The doors had no door knobs, and the windows were all greyed out.  There was light coming from above and I wandered around my prison. There was a locked door. There was some old furniture, a desk and a couple of easy chairs and a set of standing shelves.  I went over to the shelves and saw bundles of embroidered linens, obviously vintage. There was also a rolled up tent,and clothing.  On the second shelf there were two pairs of shoes, one pair looked like brocade court shoes.  I put them on my bare feet and then I heard noises.  I peered through the greyed glass and there was a bit that was see through.  I could see several sleeping bags rolled out.  Suddenly a thin beared face peered through.  I jerked back and pulled the curtain over.  I then went to the door window and tried to pear through it.  Below my line of sight was a dark haired head, it was a girl.  I reached over and grabbed a vintage metal hand mirror from somewhere and tried to tap on the glass to let them know I was there.  No noice, I pounded frantically at the door, but if felt solid and I heard nothing.
Next thing I know I am scuddling through a Middle Eastern marketplace in a berka.  There was only veiled women around me.  We all went into a tunnel, where someone stepped on my foot.  It was painful.  At the end of the tunnel there was a military woman who was not veiled.  She motioned up to hurry out.
Next thing I know is that I am back in American garb and I am with a large group of people dressed in military clothing and weapons.  We have to climb a wall of dirt and garbage to get to our destination. I look down and in the dirt was a human jawbone.  I try to tell someone but they hurry me on.
We are at the door of my prison.  It is knocked down, and a man hurries out of the locked door pulling on his clothes.  A girl is lying on the bed crying.