Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Plane crash in a city

It is a recurring dream.  I don't understand it because I love planes and flying.  I have seen a plane crash, but I had the dream before the crash.
This time, I was driving.  I was in a city, I had the instructions to go somewhere.  I needed to be there, but why?  I don't know.   I am looking at a map while at a red light.  I look in my side mirror.  There is a jumbo jet heading towards me.  It is obviously in distress.  I take off, running the red light.  The plane follows.  I desperately drive faster, I can see the plane sliding along the road, destroying everything in it's path.  It's wings are taking out buildings.  I am on the phone to 911 desperately describing everything.  I make a hard right turn.  The plane slides past me and as I try to accelerate down the open road (there are no other cars)  the plane explodes.  My jeep is engulfed in flames.

I have this dream maybe once a year.  Sometimes I am walking down a city street and the plane is skidding along and I run.  Other times I am driving.  I assume it has something to do with circumstances being beyond my control.  It is horrific.  Sometimes I am killed, other times I try to help others, and sometimes I am stuck on 911 not understanding what I am saying.

I have never been afraid of flying, in fact I am excited every time something has gone wrong in a flight.  I love major storms and rough flights.  I always try to sit at the window and I want to sit in the back so if we crash, I can see it.  I don't concern myself with things I can't control.  I just enjoy them.  This dream is disturbing.  I cannot be afraid of flying, I love planes.  Why do I have these dreams?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A haunted camper

Jered and I were "unhaunting" a mysterious trailer.  It was sitting in a wooded area covered with vines and was about 18 feet long on the outside.  On the inside it had many rooms and floors.  The wooded glade was dark and gloomy but inside the trailer was all mellow golden light and beautiful soft red rugs and antique furniture.

We had to search for a painted portrait of a little girl.  There were ghostly people who wandered through the rooms, and there was a ghost cat and ghost puppy playing together in a hallway.
We found the portrait and took it down from the wall. Suddenly all the lighting disappeared and I found myself in a tiny trailer filled with spiderwebs.

I walked backwards protecting my face to the door to the outside.  When we opened the door and walked out, we were no longer in a wooded glade.  We were in an automobile junkyard.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zombie hunting

I was living in a compound that was made up of train cars.  The zombies were capable of talking unless they were in pieces like the pair of feet that was wandering about.  I had no real weapons, just a butcher knife and a stick.  One zombie was a man who I knew.  He spoke to me, and I had no idea he was a zombie until he lunged at me. He grabbed me and scratched at me.  He had long pointed fingernails.  I struggled and escaped.  He went after me.  It was dark, and the train cars were lit by candles.  Very dim.  A little girl looked out of a compartment and the zombie turned to her, I stabbed him in the neck with the knife.  He became angry and went at me again.  I ran.  I found an axe and turned and hacked at his head, but I could not get the axe into the skull through to the brain.  I run and I meet further down the train cars a trader.  He is selling things between the humans and zombies.  He seemed to be a zombie and he was friendly.  He was waiting to see a man and I stood with him.  There was a pair of zombie feet that kept trying to escape the compartment beside where we were standing.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I was executed in a gas chamber

I was tried for terrorism and condemned to death in the gas chamber along with my husband and some other people.  The gas chamber was a large living room with wood floors and couches.  We sat down and the gas started flowing through.  It was rather acrid.  Everyone simply fell asleep.  I was holding hands with my husband and he gently fell asleep.  I was horrified.  I was the only one left alive.  I sat a while, then got up and left the room.  Everything was empty and silent.  It was dark outside.  I started walking, I wanted to see my son.  I entered the city and walked along.  The lights were all on, but there were no people.  I finally arrived at my son's apt and he was glad to see me, and started showing me his trophies.  He obviously knew nothing of our execution.  I kept expecting to fall down dead, but it didn't happen.