Saturday, December 21, 2013

A haunted camper

Jered and I were "unhaunting" a mysterious trailer.  It was sitting in a wooded area covered with vines and was about 18 feet long on the outside.  On the inside it had many rooms and floors.  The wooded glade was dark and gloomy but inside the trailer was all mellow golden light and beautiful soft red rugs and antique furniture.

We had to search for a painted portrait of a little girl.  There were ghostly people who wandered through the rooms, and there was a ghost cat and ghost puppy playing together in a hallway.
We found the portrait and took it down from the wall. Suddenly all the lighting disappeared and I found myself in a tiny trailer filled with spiderwebs.

I walked backwards protecting my face to the door to the outside.  When we opened the door and walked out, we were no longer in a wooded glade.  We were in an automobile junkyard.