Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I was executed in a gas chamber

I was tried for terrorism and condemned to death in the gas chamber along with my husband and some other people.  The gas chamber was a large living room with wood floors and couches.  We sat down and the gas started flowing through.  It was rather acrid.  Everyone simply fell asleep.  I was holding hands with my husband and he gently fell asleep.  I was horrified.  I was the only one left alive.  I sat a while, then got up and left the room.  Everything was empty and silent.  It was dark outside.  I started walking, I wanted to see my son.  I entered the city and walked along.  The lights were all on, but there were no people.  I finally arrived at my son's apt and he was glad to see me, and started showing me his trophies.  He obviously knew nothing of our execution.  I kept expecting to fall down dead, but it didn't happen.