Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Plane crash in a city

It is a recurring dream.  I don't understand it because I love planes and flying.  I have seen a plane crash, but I had the dream before the crash.
This time, I was driving.  I was in a city, I had the instructions to go somewhere.  I needed to be there, but why?  I don't know.   I am looking at a map while at a red light.  I look in my side mirror.  There is a jumbo jet heading towards me.  It is obviously in distress.  I take off, running the red light.  The plane follows.  I desperately drive faster, I can see the plane sliding along the road, destroying everything in it's path.  It's wings are taking out buildings.  I am on the phone to 911 desperately describing everything.  I make a hard right turn.  The plane slides past me and as I try to accelerate down the open road (there are no other cars)  the plane explodes.  My jeep is engulfed in flames.

I have this dream maybe once a year.  Sometimes I am walking down a city street and the plane is skidding along and I run.  Other times I am driving.  I assume it has something to do with circumstances being beyond my control.  It is horrific.  Sometimes I am killed, other times I try to help others, and sometimes I am stuck on 911 not understanding what I am saying.

I have never been afraid of flying, in fact I am excited every time something has gone wrong in a flight.  I love major storms and rough flights.  I always try to sit at the window and I want to sit in the back so if we crash, I can see it.  I don't concern myself with things I can't control.  I just enjoy them.  This dream is disturbing.  I cannot be afraid of flying, I love planes.  Why do I have these dreams?