Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Zombie hunting

I was living in a compound that was made up of train cars.  The zombies were capable of talking unless they were in pieces like the pair of feet that was wandering about.  I had no real weapons, just a butcher knife and a stick.  One zombie was a man who I knew.  He spoke to me, and I had no idea he was a zombie until he lunged at me. He grabbed me and scratched at me.  He had long pointed fingernails.  I struggled and escaped.  He went after me.  It was dark, and the train cars were lit by candles.  Very dim.  A little girl looked out of a compartment and the zombie turned to her, I stabbed him in the neck with the knife.  He became angry and went at me again.  I ran.  I found an axe and turned and hacked at his head, but I could not get the axe into the skull through to the brain.  I run and I meet further down the train cars a trader.  He is selling things between the humans and zombies.  He seemed to be a zombie and he was friendly.  He was waiting to see a man and I stood with him.  There was a pair of zombie feet that kept trying to escape the compartment beside where we were standing.