Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Locking against the dark

I lived in this big old colonial house.  It was beginning to become dark so I went from door to door locking it against the night.  Every door I came to was unlocked.  There were multiple complicated locks on each door.  There seemed to be no door knob lock so as I locked from the top, something would try to get in and the door would bow out with the pressure.  I would desperately lean upon the door and try to engage the locks.  A lock would break apart and I would have to try to grab the broken piece and re-engage it without letting what was outside in.

I went through many doors and as I approched the last door, it was completely open with a screen door.  I could see out.  The night had fallen.  I ran for the door and slammed it shut as a dark shadow shid over the porch and tried to get through.  The battle was the worse one of all, and I had dozens of locks to engage.  The door would bow out.  I looked out the peep hole, and there was a strange wonma standing there.  She pushed at the door.

Scared that I locked someone innocent out in the dark, I desperately undid the locks to let her in. When I opened the door, it was all dark.  Nobody was there.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I met the Pope near a city by the sea

I traveled by ship to a city by the sea. The buildings were ancient marble.  There were no people.   I walked throught the city and entered a path through the woods.  I walked through the woods and stopped at a cliff's edge.  There was a palace across the ravine.  There was a bridge, so I walked to it and crossed the ravine.  There were holes in the floor of the bridge.  It was all so ancient looking.

There was a cottage before the palace.  I walked in, it was beautiful inside.  I asked a man for a cup of tea and sat next to the fire beside an elderly friendly looking man.  I took my tea, and when I looked at the man beside me, he was in the Pope's mitre and robe.  I started chatting with him.  He told me God was kind and good and SHE would look after me.  The man who served the tea agreed.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My nightmare woke up the entire building

I didn't feel well yesterday and I stayed home from work.  I had a migraine.  I took my big red pill for pain and didn't take my Amyltriptilene.  I had really weird dreams, always searching for something while a single line from the Zombies "She's not there" played in the background.  I woke up, glad to be rid of the dream.  I sat up and the door opened and a ragged, thin, heavily scarred man stepped to the foot of my bed.  He leaned over the footboard reaching for me saying something in a low dry voice.  I started screaming...he puffed out of existence like smoke.  I realized I had been dreaming.  I got up for a drink and kept hoping that I had just dreamed the screaming.

Then my cell phone rang.  It was Amy from next door, the neighbors from all four units were looking outside trying to figure out who was screaming.   Amy said the scream was so filled with terror.  I told her of my dream and apologised for waking them.  They were so nice about it.

My apartment is in a 1 early 20s miner's fourplex.  It was built for the Kennecutt copper mines higher up the mountain.  It is brick, all brick.  The inner walls are brick covered in plaster.  It is as solid as a rock.  My scream was LOUD to wake people up at 2 am.

My boss Kathy called me in the morning, she's on vacation.  She needed to know something and I told her of my migraine and dream.

Then I promptly misplaced my cell phone.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Zombies once again

I was walking down a city street, it was early morning.  The buildings looked like they'd been standing forever.  The windows were broken, there was sand in the doorways.

I was carrying a pistol and a very sharp sword.  Kinda like a Samuri sword.  I was suddenly surrounded by zombies.  Their  faces were pretty rotten and their clothing was in tatters.  I pulled out the sword from it's scabbard at my side.  I efficiently chopped all three's heads off.

I kept walking down the street.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Murder at the convention

I was at a convention in a swampy city.  When we arrived we were checked into a hotel.  The grounds were foggy and cold.

There were not enough rooms for the entire party so everyone had to double up.  I was to share a bed with LouAnn.  We were getting ready for bed when LouAnn noticed a large diseased patch on my side.   She accused me of being a zombie.

She ran out of the room to report me so I could be taken away and killed.  I grabbed a statue and belted her until her head was bashed in.   I suddenly found myself on the grounds of the hotel, standing in the fog.

I returned to my room to find her dead and lying on the bed.  I wrapped her in the comforter and dragged her out of the room.  I dragged her through a tunnel towards the swamp where the alligators were awake and hungry.  I dumped the her into the swamp.

This was a scary dream because it seemed so real.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Repeat death dream

I hate this dream.  It happens every few years.  I am lying on a marble slab, with a light diffusing down upon me.  I am in a huge cold room.  There is absolutely nothing but the marble slab.  I am naked, and very cold and stiff.  I get up carefully and swing my legs off the slab and slide off.  When I land, I realize I have a cut from my breastbone to pubic bone.  My intestines start sliding out of me, pooling in loops at my feet.  I frantically try to pull them back up and pack them inside again.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Basement tornado of death with pieces of eight

I inherited a house.  It was a huge old farmhouse.  A storm starts up and I am on the porch with Erika and two neighbor kids.  The cover to the basement collapses and suddenly there is an tornado inside the basement.  It sucks one of the children into it and we fight the pull.  We drop planks of wood until it is blocked. The storm stops.

I grab a couple of shovels and Erika and I start digging into the basement to save the kid.  The dirt was a soft sand and the shoveling went quickly.  I found a box and when I opened it, it was filled with pieces of eight and a bunch of murder postcards.  I set it on the porch and resume digging.  I find a purse and when I set it on the purch, the pieces of eight had been stolen but there is a pile of antique coins.

Friday, October 3, 2014

We bought an ancient estate

I was a teenager and my family was buying this huge ancient estate.   It was gigantic with four floors.  There were weird little rooms lots of staircases and lots of weird stuff left.  There were picture frames that ten feet high.  In one of the outer buildings there were three ancient cars.  I selected my bedroom, a fourth floor set of rooms.  My Mom approved of my selection.

In a bottom floor hallway, an old family friend Ron (who died many years ago) was standing on a revolving Christmas tree stand and going round and round.  He looked like a zombie and didn't speak.  There was a very old man in a hospital bed on the second floor, he was very thin and didn't talk.

There was a strange case with a huge old doll which I liked.  I found a room that I wanted for my childhood stuffed animals, dolls, and books.  There was a huge hole in the ceiling that glowed and swirled.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A grusome party

I lived in a huge ancient building.    The walls were blocks of stone, the ceiling was giant black planks of wood.    I bathed in a sunken tub and dressed in 1920s type finery.  I realized I had to shave my legs.  I walked outside and there were heavy woods.  I walked down a path and I saw a girl I knew.  I asked her if she had a razor.  She went into a cave and brought out several.  They were strange ancient devices and I started to shave my legs.  The twisted razor cut deeply down into my legs.

I went back to the castle like building and there were dozens of people.  It was a party.  The band was playing and I joined the dancers.  I was bleeding freely as I danced.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Driving into a mall

I was in a car.  I was riding shotgun, my boss Kathy was driving, and there were two ladies in the back seat.  We were driving through a narror road through a mall.  We were going somewhere that was a school.  I saw all these birds on the road.  There were red and black cardinals, sets of cockatiels, huge amounts of parakeets, even a featherduster parakeet.  I asked Kathy to stop and we got out of the car.   I wanted to show her the featherduster.  There was a gold and purple parakeet and I caught him.  The feather duster was gone.  There was a black and royal blue parakeet sleeping in a display of shoes in a shop.

I said "kathy I caught one" and turned around.  Kathy and the car was gone.  I walked along the shops and entered the courtyard of the mall.  I knew I was in the wrong area, I needed to get back to work and from there home.  I looked in a can full of boxes and grabbed a box for the parakeet.  It was filled with a pair of Air Jordons shoes, so I put it back in the can.  I walked on and the parakeet, in a baratone man's voice, demanded "Madame, unhand me"  I looked down and the bird stook out it's tongue at me.  It was about an inch long.

I suddenly heard someone say "hey there"  I turned around and there was a man who looked like Doctor Demento. I rushed to him and thrust the bird at him "It must your bird"  The magician (for that is what he was" leaped back and said "whoa, you win, you suprised me"  and then he puts an arm around me and poked me in the ribs.  It hurt and I said stop it, let go of me.  He did it again and again.  I tried to scream and I suddenly woke up.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The end of the world

The world had come to an end.  There was a small group of us wandering.  We saw very few people.  We came across a community of a dozen people or so.  They were dressed in all styles and eras of clothing.  They had a comfortable lifestyle in a huge old mansion.

They had access to a lake of molten metal.  They had special overalls that could protect them in the lake.  They had a good luck ritual of throwing in a coin or object of metal before going in to fill thier molds.  I joined them in the lake, it was strange wading through the molton metal.  One of the community started screaming they couldn't take it anymore, pulled off his overalls and leaped into the lake, dying instantly.
One of the community, a girl dressed in flapper style clothing, screamed and accidently dropped a blue and an cream beaded silk flapper dresses into the lake.

Everyone was upset, one elderly lady was mostly angry because of the lost dresses. One of our wanderers decided to marry the flapper girl.  We had a ceremony and they were married. She then told us that she had a husband who was kept in a out building because he was in a coma.  We went out and found him.  We decided that it was best to drop him into the mansion swimming pool.  We dragged him upon the diving board and pushed him into the cold water.  He woke and was reunited with his wife.

We left the mansion, riding horses and pulling a wagon,  and found a city.  We went into a mall and gathered up lots of clothing and shoes and things.  Lots of pretty things.  Then we went to an antique shop and found a victrola and lots of records.  We gathered up lots of things and staerted back to the mansion.  We were going to live there.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A deadly Haboob

I was living in an old house in a nice neighborhood.  My husband was having a cup of coffee on the porch.  I came out and told him I would walk to work.  It was a nice clear day.  I walked down the road and suddenly a high wind came up and the a wall of dust swept in.  I saw a mysterious looking guy in a trenchcoat across the street and then everything went dark.

I stumbled along and suddenly I was knocked to the ground and someone was sitting on my back.  A man whispered "I'm sorry, but I have to do this" and I was being strangled and then he stabbed me in the side.  I tried to scream to Jered but I couldn't do anything other than whisper.   I woke up in a panic.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Owls and BK Whoppers

Jered and I were owls.  We lived in a big old tree that had a hollow inside.  I flew through the hole into my living room.  I had a little owl TV and a rotary phone on the wall.

I had some raw sausages for our supper, and I waited for Jered to come home.  He flew home with a real treasure!  He found a Whopper someone had dropped.

I was so excited that I dialed up my Mom and told her all about having a Whopper for dinner.

Monday, August 4, 2014

My plane broke down

I was flying my plane, a blue bi-wing canvas.  I had Capt Jack Ferret with me.

We had engine problems and had to land on a cloud.  I got out of the plane and stood on the cloud.  It was like standing on a bed.  Capt Jack and I stood on the edge and looked down.  The ground looked miles away  Capt Jack was hungry so I fed him some Cheez-its.  He was wearing his blue harness and seemed to like the fluffy cloud.  I popped him into a pouch I had hanging around my neck so he could look out safely.

The cloud was beginning to break up  I radio'd for help and then walked away from the plane.  The section of cloud I was standing on began to break away from the cloud, and away from my plane   I frantically paddled through the air and we got back to the main cloud.  I went to the plane and tried to start it.  It started and Capt Jack and I flew off the cloud just as it started to break up completely.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Kuwait Terrorist Attack

Jered, Jered Lee, Ankah, and I were living in an apartment in Kuwait.  We lived in a strange apartment up a few stairways.  We were the second stairway to the left.

I plugged my phone in to charge it when suddenly the building shuddered.  There were explosions and screaming.  I snatched up Ankah (my cat) and we left the building.  The stairway was packed with people desperate to escape.  We made it down and we were in a shabby ancient version of my mall.

We struggled out of the mall and into the street.  It was like being in an ancient Arabian city. The roads were packed with terrified people.  We made it to the edge of town and there was a huge refinery with gasoline spewing upwards at least  100 feet in the sky.  There were huge old airplanes and blimps in the sky.

I turned around and Jered and Jered Lee were gone.  I was alone in the street.  All the people were gone.  I started back to the mall and apt.  I needed to find my phone to call them.  I made it up the stairs but my apartment was gone.  I went down and tried it over and over.  My apartment was gone.

I started down the escalator that was suddenly behind me.  I was still carrying Ankah.  Suddenly I heard someone screaming in anger and two extremists armed with golf clubs came running to the escalator and started down after me.  I ducked and yanked them down the escalator which was many floors deep.  I suddenly realized I was alone, Ankah was gone.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A railroad car

I was walking down a path.  It was dusk and there were trees.  It was wilderness.  I followed the path, and there was a clearing ahead.  I went into the clearing, and there was a single train car on tracks.

Suddenly out of the woods popped some kind of dog person.  It had a dog face, and a human body except that it ran on all fours.  There were more coming out of the woods.  I ran for the train.

I entered the train, and it was lit from inside.  It had a drivers seat and lots of passenger seats.  It was all red and gold.  Very beautiful.  It must have been a tram or a trolley.

I walked down the aisle and sat down.  The lights dimmed and the train started forward.  Looking out the window I was all the dog people stopped and watching the train.  When I look around there were people in other seats.

The people were all beautifully dressed.  I looked down and realized I was wearing a long dress with boots and lace gloves.  I looked out the window.  The landscape was strange.  Sometimes it looked like someplace on the moon, other times there was water or trees.

The trolley stopped at a shabby wooden station.  I got out and went down into the tunnel.  There was a door and I opened it and entered my mall.  Everyone was dressed like they were from the silent film age with hobble skirted suits or Victorian bustled gowns.  The lighting was golden and very mellow.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Empty trailers, lions, and coke

We were living in a small old house.  I was asleep and woke up.  There was someone knocking on the door.  Jered answered it and there was a woman who gave us a pin she found.  She was tall and dark wearing elaborate black clothing.

We stepped out onto the porch, I was still in a negligee and peignoir.  There were a pair of semi truck trailers in our front yard, one crushed.  Two people were standing in the yard.  Jered went to talk to them and I went to look at the trailers.

Sitting on the floor of the crushed trailer was a little lion.  He was the size of a medium dog and he had a complete mane of white hair.  I ran over to Jered who had been given two boy scout canteens.  He had opened one and dumped white powder in his hand.  He said he had two canteens full of coke.  The two people were still there so I whispered to him "we have a lion"
He said I should feed it.

I went back to the lion which seemed scared and comforted him.  There was now a box and a bowl next to the lion.  They had not been there earlier.  The box held meat and veggies.  I pulled out a big helping and filled his bowl.  He started eating.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pain, pain, and more pain

I was wandering through an ancient building, going up and down steps.  I was searching every cabinet for pills.  Anything for my migraine.  I was taking pills by the handful, but nothing worked.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In a glass box

I was staying at an English inn.  I seem to be dressed in 1920s flapper style pants outfit.  All silky and flowing.  The bedroom seemed to be very old.  I climb into a canopy bed.  Next thing I know, I am in a huge glass box with about 15 other people.  We are sitting in rows and I am still dressed in my silks.  I notice there are holes along the lid of the box.  For breathing I guess.  A man outside the box walks up and demands we start shooting the ceiling.  I pull a little gun out of my bag and start shooting like everyone else.  The man stands there, then says "stop".

He tells us this was an experiment and there is another box of people along that way.  He points.  He says they could not hear our shooting and then says we can go but we are going to be staying at a farmhouse.  The inn is closed.  One woman said "but I don't want to stay at an old farmhouse"

I then find myself back in the canopy bed, still in silks, reading the woman's words in a book.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Victorian attempted murder

I was living in the Victorian era.  I lived in a large wooden house with a cat, a little dog,and a singing bird in a cage.  I was very happy.  I met a very nice man, and married him.  He moved into the house with me.

He set fire to my house, to kill me and inheret everything I own.  I escaped the house, but my pets didn't.   My face was severly burned.  I was hospitalized, and the man disappeared.  I left the hospital with severe face scars.

I wore a long veil, and I traveled.  The man followed me and confronted me in a small village in England.  I ran from him, he caught me and started to strangle me.  I was saved by a group of people entering the village green.  I ran in fear.  I made it to a manor house, where the lady of the house told me they would protect me.  The man entered the manor house and her husband stopped him.  I ran.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Killer in the house

I was sleeping and woke suddenly.   Something was wrong.  I looked at the door, and the light switched on.  Suddenly a man wearing a blank face mask appeared holding an axe.  I started screaming.
Jered woke me and wanted to know what was wrong.  I told him, and he said there was no axe killer in the hallway.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Murder at the University

I was at the theatre and after the movie I was in the lobby and there was a craft sale going on.  Sitting at a table was my friend Gene with a friend.  I went to see him and we chatted for a while.  He said I needed to see someone at the University.  I agreed.

I went to the University and saw a friend there.  She was taking psychology classes and wanted me to help her.  I agreed and we went into the ladies room.  It was filled with people staring at the ceiling.  A man was staring up and smiling like drugged.

We went back to the classroom and the teacher was selling my scarf to another student.  I decided not to say anything and we left.  We met the guy in the bathroom as leaving.  I saw him putting on a black outfit and he had a gun.

We walked back to the cars and he followed closely.  we stopped at her dorm and I realized my purse was missing.  I told her we needed to walk back and find it.  She turned away and said no.
I started back, knowing the guy with a gun was out the door, and saw my bag beside the back door.  I grabbed it and turned and saw the man.  He had the gun out and said he had to kill me.  I said why and he said I knew something and had to die.

I grabbed the gun as he pointed it at me and we struggled.  I shoved the gun so it pointed at him but it didn't go off.  I pushed him and ran.  I search for my car and found it.  It was a tiny blue Geo and the door was a double accordion.  I gave up trying to close it and started the car.  It wouldn't start.  People were coming out with guns.  The car started and I dodged people trying to kill me.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A trip to London

Jered and I were in London.  We were wandering along an avenue what was filled with huge ancient buildings.  There were no other people.

We went into a building that had a door we could see.  We wandered up and down stone steps and heavy wooded hallways.  There was an open door ahead.

Inside a room was a tiny office where nobody was sitting.  We went into the next room behind the desk.  It was a huge warehouse filled with wood filing cabinets and shelving filled with bottles of booze, crystal champagne boats, sterling ice buckets....all looking old and beautiful.

There was a little lady on a library type rolling ladder.  She smiled and came down and greeted us.  She said this was a govt office that made it possible for people to open specialty pubs.  I said I wanted to open a pub for the elderly.  She said I could have all the antiques and high quality booze that I could use.  She also had a small pub area I could have in the middle of London.

I called my Mom and she agreed that it would be great and she would pack up Jim and Ed and her pets and move to a cottage in England and help with the pub.

My husband was not thrilled at the thought of living in England.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A nasty surprise

I was driving along the bridge to the Mall.  It went high up in the sky.  It was exactly as wide as my car and there were no side rails.  I could look down miles to the ocean.  I arrived and parked in the parking lot.  I walked around to the wooded area where my company was having their picnic.

There were tables filled with food and drink, and my co-workers were lounging on sheets and pillows in the grass.  It was very pretty and very comfortable.

I had to go to the bathroom, and I saw a small wood building ahead.  I went to it and yes, it was a bathroom.  I opened the Ladies and walked in.  I fell immediately down a steep slope about 20 feet.  I looked up and saw the doorway above my head. I seemed to be in a deep ditch.

I walked along the ditch and there was a door in the side.  I walked through and it was dark.  I decided to go back to the ditch, but the door disappeared.  I crawled along the floor, and the air got thinner and thinner.  I realized I was sufficating.

Friday, March 28, 2014

A lady being held captive by bad people.

I went to check on my mobile home which was in a desert town with homes on each side and a gas station in front.  It was very desolate.
The home should have been empty but when I opened the front door, the lights were on and the house was obviously lived in (though neat and tidy).
I went down the hall, and the small bedroom was boarded over.  I heard a lady calling "help me".
I said I would get the police and ran out to the neighbor's house.

The neighbor was Sophie.  She was cooking a turkey and said she would call 911 after dinner.  I was frantic and ran across the street to the gas station.  There were tumble weeds rolling down the road.  The station lights were all off and the door open a crack.  There was a telephone on the side of the building.  I grabbed up the receiver.  There was no dial but 911 answered.  I told them about the lady.  The operator kept asking me if I was holding her hostage.  I kept saying no, I heard her call for help.  I own the house, please send the police.

She said that she would send the police after they have dinner.  I ran back to my house, but there was a black car with dark windows there.  I called out "help" and a man walked up with a blowtorch burning.  He grabbed me by the throat and held the torch out to my face.  He told me to leave or he would burn me to death.  I ran to the corner and there was a police car.  They came to the house, the black car was gone and the house roughly cleaned out.  The room that held the lady was open and there were chains hanging from the walls and torture devices on the floor.

This dream  disturbed me all day long.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Murder amongst the Magnolias

I was some sort of officer and we were at war.   I was wearing a 1940ish uniform with cute black court mules with high heels.  We were in the South, and I decided to take a walk.  Inadvertently I walked down to my grandparents' house.  It was changed into a plantation style mansion with a wrought iron balcony on the third floor.  I could still see the original brick ranch with a carport.
The house was surrounded by Magnolia trees and Spanish moss hung from the telephone lines.  It was night and I could hear music behind the house.  I could see twinkling colored lights and I started towards them.  There was an old woman who saw me and started following me.  The party suddenly disappeared and the backyard was empty.  There was a long low building, I found the door and walked in.  There was an old doctor there who told me I saw something that I should never talk about.  The old lady walked in and I turned to see her coming towards me.  I turned back to the old doctor but he was gone and the lights were low.  The old lady had a knife and I ran.

  There was a  side door and I escaped through it.  I ran around the house and started down the long gravel roadway.  I met up with a young man and woman and joined them.  They said that there was an open well ahead and be careful.  It just looked like a puddle.  The old lady attacked and I tried to fight her off.  She was incredibly strong and didn't seem to be injured by my striking her face or kicking her.  The other two came to my aid and we all tumbled into the well.

We sank to the bottom of the well and saw that there were emergency personnel and a silver Cadillac with an open back door resting on the bottom in the water.  The water was slightly murky and the young man pushed us towards a hallway and we ran following him down it.  We couldn't breathe because of the water and had to hurry.  I was dragging the girl behind me as I stumbled after the man.  He disappeared and when I got to where he was, there was another hallway.  I saw a door at the end and dragged her to it.  It was closing.  I grabbed it and we stepped out into a room with air.  The girl collapsed in a chair, but she was ok.   A soldier was leading away the man.  I went to the counter where a soldier was and asked to leave.

Monday, March 17, 2014


I woke up and my husband said he picked me up some ferrets as pets.  I love ferrets and was very excited.  The ferrets didn't like cages so they lived free in the house like our cats and dogs.  There were four brown champaigny color ferrets.  I was looking for the ferrets and saw one.  I reached out my arms towards him like I always did for my Capt Jack Ferret.  Like Capt Jack, the brown ferret leaped into my arms and started licking my face.  I saw the couch pulled out from the wall slightly.  I looked behind the couch and there was a box filled with tissue paper.  Inside the box were ferret babies.  They were all tiny and beige white.  I picked up the fattest ferret, he was perfectly round with little legs that wriggled as I held him.  He was absolutely adorable.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lunch with Vincent Price

I was living in an apt in the woods.  I invited my neighbor for dinner.  My neighbor was Vincent Price.  I made stir fry Ramen noodles with veggies and white wine.  We chatted about art while we ate.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I was in an ancient stone tomb.  There was a sarcophagus and debris on the floor and a long rock stairway.  I was attacked by a ragged person and he was trying to strangle me.  I beat him off, but then lay on the floor unable to breath.  It was like something was sitting on my chest. It was as if there was smoke in the tomb  I crawled to the steps and slowly pulled myself up the sandstone steps.  I made it out and I was panting for breath.  It was becoming easier to breath.  Outside the tomb was dark with a canopy of stars overhead.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pirates? Jewel thieves? Poodles?

I was in an old mansion where I met up with Capt Poodle, leader of a gang.  He was being chased by  the police.  It was kinda Edwardian/steampunk time.  His partners were Capt Cat, Capt Ferret, and me.  I had no name and I don't know if I were an animal.  These were people with animal heads.   Poodle was a grey poodle wearing a scarlet jacket and feathered pirate hat.  Cat was a black cat in a tux, and Ferret was a champagne ferret in a suit.  I have no idea what I was wearing other than it was a long dress and laced boots.
We were robbing the mansion, and from the back window we could see the train waiting at the station.  We could also see the police.  We were going to escape through the window to the train car.  Poodle and Ferret gathered up jewels, furs, and some strange clocks and sent Cat and me through the window to capture the train car.  There were cops everywhere and we had to sneak to get by them.  The train car was all mellow wood and rich red velvet seats.  It was shaped like a gypsy wagon.  We secreted the loot  and Poodle and Ferret joined us.
We escaped.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sad little birds

I woke up and realized I had forgotten to feed and water my parakeets.  I went to their cage and my four parakeets were lined up in a row, looking sad and tired.  All their wings were gone.  On the floor of their cage was a little pile of wings.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mountain drive

It was either morning or evening, the light was golden and unobtrusive.  There was no sun.  I was on a road, golden brown dirt and gravel.  I was in a narrow one person truck.  I was headed uphill.  I looked through the left window downwards.  I was horrified to find I was driving along the edge of a deep ravine.  There were huge rocks along the side and on the bottom.  The road undulated and I was scared I would drive off the edge.  I pulled the wheel to the right, it was stiff and unresponsive.  I kept staring down the ravine, the truck  slowly turned away from the side.  Then it abruptly turned towards what I thought would be the mountainside.  I was shocked to see there was no mountain and the side dropped straight down miles and miles.  The truck went over the side.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Human sacrifice in an ancient city

I was with a group of people traveling through the jungle on a path.  All of us were in khaki jungle suits complete with pit helmets and belted suit tops. All the women, including me, were wearing split riding skirts.  It was very Edwardian.

We arrived at an ancient city and were greeted warmly by the inhabitants.  The buildings were made from huge squared stones and there were vines crawling up the sides.  The people were dressed like the Inca people, but they were many different races.  We were taken to a large room where we were given water.  The people all spoke English, but they were an unknown civilization.

I drank my water and felt suddenly weak.  I sank to the floor, everyone gathered around me.  The city people came with a stretcher and took me away.  I realized that I was to be the sacrifice that night.  I was left alone in a small room.  There was treasure piled in the corner.  I crawled over and found a heavy metal tray.  I put it in the front of my jacket.  I was also carrying a gun.

I was carried out of the room on the stretcher, everyone was chanting.   I was placed on a large stone altar.  The priestess came out, she was wearing feathers and gold, she had a high feather head dress.   She was beautiful.  She came to me through a dance and raised a stone knife.  It struck me in the chest but bounced off the tray.  I shot her.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The apt from Hell

I was apt hunting in a strange city.  I was looking for a two bedroom or larger for my sister and me.   I was looking at apartments in this huge huge complex.  The paperwork had been done and I was just trying to decide which apt to take when this couple walks by.  The lady stops and askes the faceless manager a few questions, the man said "get out of here, run while you can.  Don't stay here. Go!"

I take off running for the elevators.  They were tiny cubicles painted amber and could hold 2 or 3 people.  Every time I tried to enter, the doors would slam shut.  A lady in one said "it's too late for you"  I made it into one elevator and traveled down.  The elevator opened into a huge ancient kitchen.  I ran through and could see through the round windows that I was still many stories high.
I found another elevator after trying many that would allow me in.  I walked out into one of the apts that I had been looking at.  It was too late and I was trapped.

My sister and I lived in the apt, we were not allowed to leave.  The apts were actually a cruise ship.  My sister had a lover who would sneak in to visit her.  He was a handsome dark man.  The apt did not like him because he was from the outside.

We were at the pool getting ready to make a run for it.  Down the gangplank my sister's lover had a 1970s huge black car.  We were going to make it to the car.  We were standing beside the pool waiting until most people were busy, when a cable slithered out and grabbed the man"s leg and pulled him into the pool.  The pool began to drain and there was a car inside the pool.  The man was pulled to the deep end of the pool and the car rolled backwards and crushed him.  I was screaming.

Next thing I knew I was alone on deck watching the carnage in the pool when the apartment police arrived.  I was arrested for draining the pool.  My sister had taken off running and made it to the car while I had been watching the horrors.

I was locked in a tiny room and told I would be living there for the rest of my life.  It was like a jail cell except it was very dark.  I lay down.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I was at work in a large building filled with rows of computers.  I was assigned to a 4th floor computer.  I walked to the back of the building which was open  to the street.  There was another building beside it that was about 100 floors high.  It looked like an old slum type apt building.  There were different colors of floors, mine was a turquoise floor.  I had to climb up the side of the building using foot and handholds in the cracks in the concrete.  There was a key type concrete bar sticking out.  It was locked.  I was angry, the floor was locked.  I knew it was a coworker who was angry at me that locked me out of the floor.  I climbed down and went back into the large building, it was now full of rooms like a school.  I went into one and sat at a table with more people.  Someone came up and put a large bag of weird food on the table.  There were alfalafa cube munchies, red blood  chews, living purple worms, and other disgusting munchies.  I offered it to my tablemates.  They were happy and started eating.  I left the room and left the building.  The  skyscraper was no longer there, I was standing by the ocean watching to pirate type sailing ships battle in the ocean.