Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The apt from Hell

I was apt hunting in a strange city.  I was looking for a two bedroom or larger for my sister and me.   I was looking at apartments in this huge huge complex.  The paperwork had been done and I was just trying to decide which apt to take when this couple walks by.  The lady stops and askes the faceless manager a few questions, the man said "get out of here, run while you can.  Don't stay here. Go!"

I take off running for the elevators.  They were tiny cubicles painted amber and could hold 2 or 3 people.  Every time I tried to enter, the doors would slam shut.  A lady in one said "it's too late for you"  I made it into one elevator and traveled down.  The elevator opened into a huge ancient kitchen.  I ran through and could see through the round windows that I was still many stories high.
I found another elevator after trying many that would allow me in.  I walked out into one of the apts that I had been looking at.  It was too late and I was trapped.

My sister and I lived in the apt, we were not allowed to leave.  The apts were actually a cruise ship.  My sister had a lover who would sneak in to visit her.  He was a handsome dark man.  The apt did not like him because he was from the outside.

We were at the pool getting ready to make a run for it.  Down the gangplank my sister's lover had a 1970s huge black car.  We were going to make it to the car.  We were standing beside the pool waiting until most people were busy, when a cable slithered out and grabbed the man"s leg and pulled him into the pool.  The pool began to drain and there was a car inside the pool.  The man was pulled to the deep end of the pool and the car rolled backwards and crushed him.  I was screaming.

Next thing I knew I was alone on deck watching the carnage in the pool when the apartment police arrived.  I was arrested for draining the pool.  My sister had taken off running and made it to the car while I had been watching the horrors.

I was locked in a tiny room and told I would be living there for the rest of my life.  It was like a jail cell except it was very dark.  I lay down.