Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I was at work in a large building filled with rows of computers.  I was assigned to a 4th floor computer.  I walked to the back of the building which was open  to the street.  There was another building beside it that was about 100 floors high.  It looked like an old slum type apt building.  There were different colors of floors, mine was a turquoise floor.  I had to climb up the side of the building using foot and handholds in the cracks in the concrete.  There was a key type concrete bar sticking out.  It was locked.  I was angry, the floor was locked.  I knew it was a coworker who was angry at me that locked me out of the floor.  I climbed down and went back into the large building, it was now full of rooms like a school.  I went into one and sat at a table with more people.  Someone came up and put a large bag of weird food on the table.  There were alfalafa cube munchies, red blood  chews, living purple worms, and other disgusting munchies.  I offered it to my tablemates.  They were happy and started eating.  I left the room and left the building.  The  skyscraper was no longer there, I was standing by the ocean watching to pirate type sailing ships battle in the ocean.