Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Human sacrifice in an ancient city

I was with a group of people traveling through the jungle on a path.  All of us were in khaki jungle suits complete with pit helmets and belted suit tops. All the women, including me, were wearing split riding skirts.  It was very Edwardian.

We arrived at an ancient city and were greeted warmly by the inhabitants.  The buildings were made from huge squared stones and there were vines crawling up the sides.  The people were dressed like the Inca people, but they were many different races.  We were taken to a large room where we were given water.  The people all spoke English, but they were an unknown civilization.

I drank my water and felt suddenly weak.  I sank to the floor, everyone gathered around me.  The city people came with a stretcher and took me away.  I realized that I was to be the sacrifice that night.  I was left alone in a small room.  There was treasure piled in the corner.  I crawled over and found a heavy metal tray.  I put it in the front of my jacket.  I was also carrying a gun.

I was carried out of the room on the stretcher, everyone was chanting.   I was placed on a large stone altar.  The priestess came out, she was wearing feathers and gold, she had a high feather head dress.   She was beautiful.  She came to me through a dance and raised a stone knife.  It struck me in the chest but bounced off the tray.  I shot her.