Friday, March 28, 2014

A lady being held captive by bad people.

I went to check on my mobile home which was in a desert town with homes on each side and a gas station in front.  It was very desolate.
The home should have been empty but when I opened the front door, the lights were on and the house was obviously lived in (though neat and tidy).
I went down the hall, and the small bedroom was boarded over.  I heard a lady calling "help me".
I said I would get the police and ran out to the neighbor's house.

The neighbor was Sophie.  She was cooking a turkey and said she would call 911 after dinner.  I was frantic and ran across the street to the gas station.  There were tumble weeds rolling down the road.  The station lights were all off and the door open a crack.  There was a telephone on the side of the building.  I grabbed up the receiver.  There was no dial but 911 answered.  I told them about the lady.  The operator kept asking me if I was holding her hostage.  I kept saying no, I heard her call for help.  I own the house, please send the police.

She said that she would send the police after they have dinner.  I ran back to my house, but there was a black car with dark windows there.  I called out "help" and a man walked up with a blowtorch burning.  He grabbed me by the throat and held the torch out to my face.  He told me to leave or he would burn me to death.  I ran to the corner and there was a police car.  They came to the house, the black car was gone and the house roughly cleaned out.  The room that held the lady was open and there were chains hanging from the walls and torture devices on the floor.

This dream  disturbed me all day long.