Monday, March 17, 2014


I woke up and my husband said he picked me up some ferrets as pets.  I love ferrets and was very excited.  The ferrets didn't like cages so they lived free in the house like our cats and dogs.  There were four brown champaigny color ferrets.  I was looking for the ferrets and saw one.  I reached out my arms towards him like I always did for my Capt Jack Ferret.  Like Capt Jack, the brown ferret leaped into my arms and started licking my face.  I saw the couch pulled out from the wall slightly.  I looked behind the couch and there was a box filled with tissue paper.  Inside the box were ferret babies.  They were all tiny and beige white.  I picked up the fattest ferret, he was perfectly round with little legs that wriggled as I held him.  He was absolutely adorable.