Monday, March 3, 2014

Mountain drive

It was either morning or evening, the light was golden and unobtrusive.  There was no sun.  I was on a road, golden brown dirt and gravel.  I was in a narrow one person truck.  I was headed uphill.  I looked through the left window downwards.  I was horrified to find I was driving along the edge of a deep ravine.  There were huge rocks along the side and on the bottom.  The road undulated and I was scared I would drive off the edge.  I pulled the wheel to the right, it was stiff and unresponsive.  I kept staring down the ravine, the truck  slowly turned away from the side.  Then it abruptly turned towards what I thought would be the mountainside.  I was shocked to see there was no mountain and the side dropped straight down miles and miles.  The truck went over the side.