Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Murder amongst the Magnolias

I was some sort of officer and we were at war.   I was wearing a 1940ish uniform with cute black court mules with high heels.  We were in the South, and I decided to take a walk.  Inadvertently I walked down to my grandparents' house.  It was changed into a plantation style mansion with a wrought iron balcony on the third floor.  I could still see the original brick ranch with a carport.
The house was surrounded by Magnolia trees and Spanish moss hung from the telephone lines.  It was night and I could hear music behind the house.  I could see twinkling colored lights and I started towards them.  There was an old woman who saw me and started following me.  The party suddenly disappeared and the backyard was empty.  There was a long low building, I found the door and walked in.  There was an old doctor there who told me I saw something that I should never talk about.  The old lady walked in and I turned to see her coming towards me.  I turned back to the old doctor but he was gone and the lights were low.  The old lady had a knife and I ran.

  There was a  side door and I escaped through it.  I ran around the house and started down the long gravel roadway.  I met up with a young man and woman and joined them.  They said that there was an open well ahead and be careful.  It just looked like a puddle.  The old lady attacked and I tried to fight her off.  She was incredibly strong and didn't seem to be injured by my striking her face or kicking her.  The other two came to my aid and we all tumbled into the well.

We sank to the bottom of the well and saw that there were emergency personnel and a silver Cadillac with an open back door resting on the bottom in the water.  The water was slightly murky and the young man pushed us towards a hallway and we ran following him down it.  We couldn't breathe because of the water and had to hurry.  I was dragging the girl behind me as I stumbled after the man.  He disappeared and when I got to where he was, there was another hallway.  I saw a door at the end and dragged her to it.  It was closing.  I grabbed it and we stepped out into a room with air.  The girl collapsed in a chair, but she was ok.   A soldier was leading away the man.  I went to the counter where a soldier was and asked to leave.