Monday, March 10, 2014

Pirates? Jewel thieves? Poodles?

I was in an old mansion where I met up with Capt Poodle, leader of a gang.  He was being chased by  the police.  It was kinda Edwardian/steampunk time.  His partners were Capt Cat, Capt Ferret, and me.  I had no name and I don't know if I were an animal.  These were people with animal heads.   Poodle was a grey poodle wearing a scarlet jacket and feathered pirate hat.  Cat was a black cat in a tux, and Ferret was a champagne ferret in a suit.  I have no idea what I was wearing other than it was a long dress and laced boots.
We were robbing the mansion, and from the back window we could see the train waiting at the station.  We could also see the police.  We were going to escape through the window to the train car.  Poodle and Ferret gathered up jewels, furs, and some strange clocks and sent Cat and me through the window to capture the train car.  There were cops everywhere and we had to sneak to get by them.  The train car was all mellow wood and rich red velvet seats.  It was shaped like a gypsy wagon.  We secreted the loot  and Poodle and Ferret joined us.
We escaped.