Saturday, May 31, 2014

Victorian attempted murder

I was living in the Victorian era.  I lived in a large wooden house with a cat, a little dog,and a singing bird in a cage.  I was very happy.  I met a very nice man, and married him.  He moved into the house with me.

He set fire to my house, to kill me and inheret everything I own.  I escaped the house, but my pets didn't.   My face was severly burned.  I was hospitalized, and the man disappeared.  I left the hospital with severe face scars.

I wore a long veil, and I traveled.  The man followed me and confronted me in a small village in England.  I ran from him, he caught me and started to strangle me.  I was saved by a group of people entering the village green.  I ran in fear.  I made it to a manor house, where the lady of the house told me they would protect me.  The man entered the manor house and her husband stopped him.  I ran.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Killer in the house

I was sleeping and woke suddenly.   Something was wrong.  I looked at the door, and the light switched on.  Suddenly a man wearing a blank face mask appeared holding an axe.  I started screaming.
Jered woke me and wanted to know what was wrong.  I told him, and he said there was no axe killer in the hallway.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Murder at the University

I was at the theatre and after the movie I was in the lobby and there was a craft sale going on.  Sitting at a table was my friend Gene with a friend.  I went to see him and we chatted for a while.  He said I needed to see someone at the University.  I agreed.

I went to the University and saw a friend there.  She was taking psychology classes and wanted me to help her.  I agreed and we went into the ladies room.  It was filled with people staring at the ceiling.  A man was staring up and smiling like drugged.

We went back to the classroom and the teacher was selling my scarf to another student.  I decided not to say anything and we left.  We met the guy in the bathroom as leaving.  I saw him putting on a black outfit and he had a gun.

We walked back to the cars and he followed closely.  we stopped at her dorm and I realized my purse was missing.  I told her we needed to walk back and find it.  She turned away and said no.
I started back, knowing the guy with a gun was out the door, and saw my bag beside the back door.  I grabbed it and turned and saw the man.  He had the gun out and said he had to kill me.  I said why and he said I knew something and had to die.

I grabbed the gun as he pointed it at me and we struggled.  I shoved the gun so it pointed at him but it didn't go off.  I pushed him and ran.  I search for my car and found it.  It was a tiny blue Geo and the door was a double accordion.  I gave up trying to close it and started the car.  It wouldn't start.  People were coming out with guns.  The car started and I dodged people trying to kill me.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A trip to London

Jered and I were in London.  We were wandering along an avenue what was filled with huge ancient buildings.  There were no other people.

We went into a building that had a door we could see.  We wandered up and down stone steps and heavy wooded hallways.  There was an open door ahead.

Inside a room was a tiny office where nobody was sitting.  We went into the next room behind the desk.  It was a huge warehouse filled with wood filing cabinets and shelving filled with bottles of booze, crystal champagne boats, sterling ice buckets....all looking old and beautiful.

There was a little lady on a library type rolling ladder.  She smiled and came down and greeted us.  She said this was a govt office that made it possible for people to open specialty pubs.  I said I wanted to open a pub for the elderly.  She said I could have all the antiques and high quality booze that I could use.  She also had a small pub area I could have in the middle of London.

I called my Mom and she agreed that it would be great and she would pack up Jim and Ed and her pets and move to a cottage in England and help with the pub.

My husband was not thrilled at the thought of living in England.