Thursday, May 1, 2014

A trip to London

Jered and I were in London.  We were wandering along an avenue what was filled with huge ancient buildings.  There were no other people.

We went into a building that had a door we could see.  We wandered up and down stone steps and heavy wooded hallways.  There was an open door ahead.

Inside a room was a tiny office where nobody was sitting.  We went into the next room behind the desk.  It was a huge warehouse filled with wood filing cabinets and shelving filled with bottles of booze, crystal champagne boats, sterling ice buckets....all looking old and beautiful.

There was a little lady on a library type rolling ladder.  She smiled and came down and greeted us.  She said this was a govt office that made it possible for people to open specialty pubs.  I said I wanted to open a pub for the elderly.  She said I could have all the antiques and high quality booze that I could use.  She also had a small pub area I could have in the middle of London.

I called my Mom and she agreed that it would be great and she would pack up Jim and Ed and her pets and move to a cottage in England and help with the pub.

My husband was not thrilled at the thought of living in England.