Saturday, May 31, 2014

Victorian attempted murder

I was living in the Victorian era.  I lived in a large wooden house with a cat, a little dog,and a singing bird in a cage.  I was very happy.  I met a very nice man, and married him.  He moved into the house with me.

He set fire to my house, to kill me and inheret everything I own.  I escaped the house, but my pets didn't.   My face was severly burned.  I was hospitalized, and the man disappeared.  I left the hospital with severe face scars.

I wore a long veil, and I traveled.  The man followed me and confronted me in a small village in England.  I ran from him, he caught me and started to strangle me.  I was saved by a group of people entering the village green.  I ran in fear.  I made it to a manor house, where the lady of the house told me they would protect me.  The man entered the manor house and her husband stopped him.  I ran.