Sunday, June 22, 2014

A railroad car

I was walking down a path.  It was dusk and there were trees.  It was wilderness.  I followed the path, and there was a clearing ahead.  I went into the clearing, and there was a single train car on tracks.

Suddenly out of the woods popped some kind of dog person.  It had a dog face, and a human body except that it ran on all fours.  There were more coming out of the woods.  I ran for the train.

I entered the train, and it was lit from inside.  It had a drivers seat and lots of passenger seats.  It was all red and gold.  Very beautiful.  It must have been a tram or a trolley.

I walked down the aisle and sat down.  The lights dimmed and the train started forward.  Looking out the window I was all the dog people stopped and watching the train.  When I look around there were people in other seats.

The people were all beautifully dressed.  I looked down and realized I was wearing a long dress with boots and lace gloves.  I looked out the window.  The landscape was strange.  Sometimes it looked like someplace on the moon, other times there was water or trees.

The trolley stopped at a shabby wooden station.  I got out and went down into the tunnel.  There was a door and I opened it and entered my mall.  Everyone was dressed like they were from the silent film age with hobble skirted suits or Victorian bustled gowns.  The lighting was golden and very mellow.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Empty trailers, lions, and coke

We were living in a small old house.  I was asleep and woke up.  There was someone knocking on the door.  Jered answered it and there was a woman who gave us a pin she found.  She was tall and dark wearing elaborate black clothing.

We stepped out onto the porch, I was still in a negligee and peignoir.  There were a pair of semi truck trailers in our front yard, one crushed.  Two people were standing in the yard.  Jered went to talk to them and I went to look at the trailers.

Sitting on the floor of the crushed trailer was a little lion.  He was the size of a medium dog and he had a complete mane of white hair.  I ran over to Jered who had been given two boy scout canteens.  He had opened one and dumped white powder in his hand.  He said he had two canteens full of coke.  The two people were still there so I whispered to him "we have a lion"
He said I should feed it.

I went back to the lion which seemed scared and comforted him.  There was now a box and a bowl next to the lion.  They had not been there earlier.  The box held meat and veggies.  I pulled out a big helping and filled his bowl.  He started eating.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pain, pain, and more pain

I was wandering through an ancient building, going up and down steps.  I was searching every cabinet for pills.  Anything for my migraine.  I was taking pills by the handful, but nothing worked.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In a glass box

I was staying at an English inn.  I seem to be dressed in 1920s flapper style pants outfit.  All silky and flowing.  The bedroom seemed to be very old.  I climb into a canopy bed.  Next thing I know, I am in a huge glass box with about 15 other people.  We are sitting in rows and I am still dressed in my silks.  I notice there are holes along the lid of the box.  For breathing I guess.  A man outside the box walks up and demands we start shooting the ceiling.  I pull a little gun out of my bag and start shooting like everyone else.  The man stands there, then says "stop".

He tells us this was an experiment and there is another box of people along that way.  He points.  He says they could not hear our shooting and then says we can go but we are going to be staying at a farmhouse.  The inn is closed.  One woman said "but I don't want to stay at an old farmhouse"

I then find myself back in the canopy bed, still in silks, reading the woman's words in a book.