Sunday, June 22, 2014

A railroad car

I was walking down a path.  It was dusk and there were trees.  It was wilderness.  I followed the path, and there was a clearing ahead.  I went into the clearing, and there was a single train car on tracks.

Suddenly out of the woods popped some kind of dog person.  It had a dog face, and a human body except that it ran on all fours.  There were more coming out of the woods.  I ran for the train.

I entered the train, and it was lit from inside.  It had a drivers seat and lots of passenger seats.  It was all red and gold.  Very beautiful.  It must have been a tram or a trolley.

I walked down the aisle and sat down.  The lights dimmed and the train started forward.  Looking out the window I was all the dog people stopped and watching the train.  When I look around there were people in other seats.

The people were all beautifully dressed.  I looked down and realized I was wearing a long dress with boots and lace gloves.  I looked out the window.  The landscape was strange.  Sometimes it looked like someplace on the moon, other times there was water or trees.

The trolley stopped at a shabby wooden station.  I got out and went down into the tunnel.  There was a door and I opened it and entered my mall.  Everyone was dressed like they were from the silent film age with hobble skirted suits or Victorian bustled gowns.  The lighting was golden and very mellow.