Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In a glass box

I was staying at an English inn.  I seem to be dressed in 1920s flapper style pants outfit.  All silky and flowing.  The bedroom seemed to be very old.  I climb into a canopy bed.  Next thing I know, I am in a huge glass box with about 15 other people.  We are sitting in rows and I am still dressed in my silks.  I notice there are holes along the lid of the box.  For breathing I guess.  A man outside the box walks up and demands we start shooting the ceiling.  I pull a little gun out of my bag and start shooting like everyone else.  The man stands there, then says "stop".

He tells us this was an experiment and there is another box of people along that way.  He points.  He says they could not hear our shooting and then says we can go but we are going to be staying at a farmhouse.  The inn is closed.  One woman said "but I don't want to stay at an old farmhouse"

I then find myself back in the canopy bed, still in silks, reading the woman's words in a book.