Monday, July 7, 2014

Kuwait Terrorist Attack

Jered, Jered Lee, Ankah, and I were living in an apartment in Kuwait.  We lived in a strange apartment up a few stairways.  We were the second stairway to the left.

I plugged my phone in to charge it when suddenly the building shuddered.  There were explosions and screaming.  I snatched up Ankah (my cat) and we left the building.  The stairway was packed with people desperate to escape.  We made it down and we were in a shabby ancient version of my mall.

We struggled out of the mall and into the street.  It was like being in an ancient Arabian city. The roads were packed with terrified people.  We made it to the edge of town and there was a huge refinery with gasoline spewing upwards at least  100 feet in the sky.  There were huge old airplanes and blimps in the sky.

I turned around and Jered and Jered Lee were gone.  I was alone in the street.  All the people were gone.  I started back to the mall and apt.  I needed to find my phone to call them.  I made it up the stairs but my apartment was gone.  I went down and tried it over and over.  My apartment was gone.

I started down the escalator that was suddenly behind me.  I was still carrying Ankah.  Suddenly I heard someone screaming in anger and two extremists armed with golf clubs came running to the escalator and started down after me.  I ducked and yanked them down the escalator which was many floors deep.  I suddenly realized I was alone, Ankah was gone.