Monday, August 4, 2014

My plane broke down

I was flying my plane, a blue bi-wing canvas.  I had Capt Jack Ferret with me.

We had engine problems and had to land on a cloud.  I got out of the plane and stood on the cloud.  It was like standing on a bed.  Capt Jack and I stood on the edge and looked down.  The ground looked miles away  Capt Jack was hungry so I fed him some Cheez-its.  He was wearing his blue harness and seemed to like the fluffy cloud.  I popped him into a pouch I had hanging around my neck so he could look out safely.

The cloud was beginning to break up  I radio'd for help and then walked away from the plane.  The section of cloud I was standing on began to break away from the cloud, and away from my plane   I frantically paddled through the air and we got back to the main cloud.  I went to the plane and tried to start it.  It started and Capt Jack and I flew off the cloud just as it started to break up completely.