Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The end of the world

The world had come to an end.  There was a small group of us wandering.  We saw very few people.  We came across a community of a dozen people or so.  They were dressed in all styles and eras of clothing.  They had a comfortable lifestyle in a huge old mansion.

They had access to a lake of molten metal.  They had special overalls that could protect them in the lake.  They had a good luck ritual of throwing in a coin or object of metal before going in to fill thier molds.  I joined them in the lake, it was strange wading through the molton metal.  One of the community started screaming they couldn't take it anymore, pulled off his overalls and leaped into the lake, dying instantly.
One of the community, a girl dressed in flapper style clothing, screamed and accidently dropped a blue and an cream beaded silk flapper dresses into the lake.

Everyone was upset, one elderly lady was mostly angry because of the lost dresses. One of our wanderers decided to marry the flapper girl.  We had a ceremony and they were married. She then told us that she had a husband who was kept in a out building because he was in a coma.  We went out and found him.  We decided that it was best to drop him into the mansion swimming pool.  We dragged him upon the diving board and pushed him into the cold water.  He woke and was reunited with his wife.

We left the mansion, riding horses and pulling a wagon,  and found a city.  We went into a mall and gathered up lots of clothing and shoes and things.  Lots of pretty things.  Then we went to an antique shop and found a victrola and lots of records.  We gathered up lots of things and staerted back to the mansion.  We were going to live there.